Monday, October 10, 2011

WAC Lighting QP-501 Quick Connect Socket Set Installation Instructions

This How To video provides instructions for WAC Lighting QP-501 Quick Connect Socket Set.

  • Quick Connect Pendant Socket  
  • Socket includes 6’ of braided cable with a hang-straight tube and Halogen bi-pin lamp. 
  • Braided cables are field cuttable to custom lengths.  
  • Sockets and shades sold separately. 
  • Quick connect feature allows use on: 
  • Monorail-requires the LM-QADP adapter. 
  • Linear-requires the SAPD adapter. 
  • Track-uses the EN-XQ transformer (available in 3 track styles). 
  • Flexrail2-uses the HM-EN50 transformer. 
  • Mono/Multipoint- no adapter required. 

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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Quality of Fanimation Fans

As you know, a good number of Fanimation fans have highly unique blade shapes, designs and materials. These characteristics present unique workloads to the motors of those fans. Fanimation could just go to the factory and use an off-of-the-shelf motor and live with the motor noise and airflow results, but they choose not to.

A significant part of Fanimation's development process for any fan is designing the motor to best meet the needs of the overall design. They adjust anything from copper wire diameter, number of turns in the motor coils, lamination stack height, rotor skew angle and capacitors to make certain the motor is adequately designed for a given fan.

Product development here at Fanimation is obviously focused on providing unique design, but the parts of a fan the end user does not see are equally important.

In addition to the above product development details, Fanimation has an extensive quality control staff. They do not outsource quality control; these are all full time Fanimation employees. They have people in the factories every day to ensure the products that reach our customers meet the standard of quality people expect from Fanimation.

Obviously no company is perfect, but Fanimation invests more than any other fan company to exceed the expectation of customers.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Artcraft Lighting

Over 56 Years have passed since Albert Cohen and Samuel  Bernstein started the "ARTCRAFT" group of companies. They had some very  simple principles to guide them – conduct your business honestly and  with integrity, have pride in your work, show respect for everyone you deal with, be creative in your thoughts and action, give back to your community, and family is above all.

Contessa AC370
These values have been passed down through the generations and have been inculcated in all who work at "ARTCRAFT" today and who are part of the "ARTCRAFT Family" and  its rich history. With all the changes that have occurred in the last 56  years, adherence to our founding fathers principles has allowed the "ARTCRAFT" brand to grow and flourish. Although Artcraft has always tried to embrace the latest materials and the newest technologies, they have  never served as a substitute for the pride of craftsmanship nor for the attention to detail we give to each and every product.

Artcraft is dedicated to designing the most fashionable and functional lighting but  the production must be executed as flawlessly as possible because quality is timeless.

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