Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fanimation The Sandella® Ceiling Fan

The Sandella®. Captivating Design. Traditional? Modern? Tropical? What will it be? Customize your Sandella fan by choosing from multiple blade and finish options to make it your prefect design choice!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.

Amid all the architectural lighting in Las Vegas, a socialite was arrested Friday evening. Paris Hilton and her boyfriend, Cy Waits, was stopped for marijuana and police found Paris Hilton in possession of cocaine along Las Vegas Boulevard.

Architectural lighting adds aesthetics to the city's evening skyline. Some buildings use LED wallwashers and maybe other use LED rope lights. There are many architectural lighting fixtures to choose from to transform a building into a piece of art after dusk.

Perhaps Paris Hilton and Cy Waits were admiring the architectural lighting of the Vegas strip while smoking marijuana in their car!

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Hoarding of the Bulbs

Hoarding incandescent light bulbs is trending in EU, according to the Telegraph. Starting next week, 75w incandescent light bulbs will be banned throughout EU. It is safe to assume that as each phase of banning takes effect, a wave of hoarding will be triggered. It happened when the 100w was banned and now too for the 75w. No doubt that the wave of hoarding will continue till all the incandescent bulbs will be banned in 2012.

Will this happen in the US in 2012. 100w incandescent bulbs will be banned starting January 2012. Perhaps, this will make a great 2011 holiday gift for those who dearly refuse to switch over to energy efficient bulbs.

The purpose of these new regulations worldwide is to reduce energy usage and reduce greenhouse gases. Will everyone take pride in reducing their own carbon footprint? It is hard to say. Perhaps a decade later when every thing is fully transitioned over, we will see if the advocates' assumptions are correct. There are still skeptism in regards to switching over to energy efficient lighting. It is quite possible that people are more reluctant to conserve energy when less energy is used to light up the space. Would you light up the room brighter or longer if it costs you less than the days of incandescent?

If you're serious about energy conservation, Savio Lighting can assist you towards greener living. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms or online at http://www.saviolighting.com/ for energy savings/Energy Star products.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's trademark "lighting" like how Facebook is trying to trademark "face"

In this week's tech news, Facebook is trying to trademark the word "face" and is filed against TeachBook for the word "book". Can you even trademark everyday words like "face" and "book?" Just earlier this month, Facebook forced Placebook to change its name because it caused "confusion". It rhymes!

Facebook will have to convince the court that Teachbook is copying them. Teachbook is an online teachers' community to swap/post teaching material/info. How much of that is infringement?

Let's trademark the word "lighting" and then let all the lighting showrooms or e-commerce sites that can't afford to file an opposition to change their names! I'm sorry but we're all here just to sell lighting products and not being a copycat.

With that said, come on down to Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms or online at http://www.saviolighting.com/ to order lighting products!

Lighting up the Garden

Creativity of a gardener can go beyond plants. Why not show off nature? Certainly, using landscape lighting can bring out the beauty of your garden when the sun is making course to the other side of the world.

Most people think landscape lighting is just lighting up the path to the entrance of the home. In actuality, it can be much more. Using landscape lights shaped like plants or animals can add decor to the garden during the day and yet be functional in the evening. This totally changes the look and feel of your landscape at night.

You can use lights to draw attention to a particular object or to set a mood of your garden with ambient lighting. Another option is installing flood lights with motion sensors to ward off animals and burglars.

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Conserving Energy

Power consumption in the US has skyrocketed over the past decade. According to CNN, non-disaster U.S. power outages are up 124% since the early '90s. Lighting consumes roughly 30% of this country's energy. Power outages are more notable during the summer months when air conditions are at high power during the heat waves. It may be wise to have public places, such as softball fields and parking lots, to switch over energy savings luminaires to reduce the odds of blackouts over the summer months.

Homeowners should also consider switching over to energy savings luminaires. If cash strapped, switching to energy savings light bulbs, such as CFL, is very affordable.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bathroom Lighting is Not Rocket Science

Way, way back in ancient history, bathrooms were not about hygiene as we know it today. What was the origin of bathing? Well, it was for religious value. Water was seen as a purifying element both the physical and the mental state. This is why people bathe themselves prior to entering a sacred area. As time went by, bathing became a social and entertainment commune. Then during the Renaissance, communal bathing decline as fear of diseases spread; and from then on private baths were attuned. Even today if you travel to remote places, you may find locals not bathe often such as Eskimos.

In modern times, our personal hygiene is done in the bathroom such as shaving or tweezing. The vanity area is where bright light is crucial to prevent mishaps. Another area where light level is crucial is the shower area. It certainly wouldn't be pleasant to slip or fall because the shower was improperly lit causing overlooks.

After a long stressful day at work, leave the vanity and shower lights off. Wouldn't it be nice to soak in a bubble bath with mood lighting? Having wall sconces dimmed to the perfect ambient level while tuning into soothing music is so heavenly. A spacious bathroom can definitely be a soul rejuvenating area.

The modern spacious bathroom is multifunctional. With the proper lighting, the bathroom can be very enjoyable and practical for everyday use.

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Article first published as Bathroom Lighting is Not Rocket Science on Technorati.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Element Mercury - Not So Good For Us

What happens if people don't dispose of mercury-containing light bulbs properly? If the light bulb breaks, some mercury will be released into the environment. So? Mercury in the air will eventually settle in the water and then certain microorganisms will change it to highly toxic methylmercury. This is why fish and shellfish contain mercury. With high exposure, it can harm your brain, heart, kidney, lungs and immune system.

Light bulbs that contain mercury are fluorescent, CFL and HID. These are classified as hazardous wastes by the EPA. The EPA has setup hazardous waste facilities around the nation to encourage recycling of mercury-contained products.

Savio Lighting encourages everyone to be environmentally safe.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Completing the Kitchen with Lighting

In a home, the kitchen is one of the most important areas when it comes to lighting. You need various lights for all the functions in the kitchen. Sufficient light is needed for prepping food, entertaining guests, under cabinet and task. For the kitchen, the four main types of necessary lighting are decorative, ambient, task and accent lightings.

1. Decorative lighting adds a splash of personality to your kitchen. This could be as simple as adding pendants or spotlighting a special piece. Keep this simple or the kitchen will look cluttered with too much decorative lighting.

2. Ambient lighting will create soft, warm glows. This will also create a nice family meal due to the intimate feel that ambient lighting creates.

3. Accent lighting is always low voltage such as under-cabinet lighting or toe kicks. It's for areas that don't need an abundance of light but completes the kitchen.

4. Task lighting makes the kitchen functional. Tasking lighting helps you prep meals and read cookbooks.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SA Goes Orange

"SA Goes Orange" promotion in September was approved Wednesday by the city's Historic and Design Review Commision. This campaign is a fundraiser for the San Antonio Food Bank by having businesses hold food drives and illuminate their buildings in orange at night. Temporary use of colored lights can accentuate the city's prominent architecture.

You can order your orange light bulb from saviolighting.com for your participation in the "SA Goes Orange" campaign.

9 Lighting Energy Solutions for Business

1. Low Wattage T4 and T5 Lamps with Electronic Ballasts Up to 70% energy savings compared to T12 lamps with older magnetic ballasts

2. Reflectors Building managers can creat bright, even lighting with less lamps by using reflectors. Reflecting light increases brightness.

3. CFL Up for 75% energy savings compared to incandescent and lasts up to 10x longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

4. LED Exit Signs Offers triple savings - lower maintenance, replacement and energy costs. Up to 95% energy savings and lasts up to 25x longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

5. Induction Lighting Up to 100,000 hours life span. Lasts more than 11 years operating 24/7.

6. High Pressure Sodium Lamp Most efficient HID lamp and very bright. Suited for high ceilings and long operating hours.

7. Pulse-Start Metal Halide Lamps Less wattage to illuminate the same amount of sapce with long-lasting, brighter light compared to halogen or incancescent lamps.

8. Occupancy Sensors Auto switch off/on lights when people are in/out of the room can result in substantial savings.

9. Natural Lighting Best energy saver. Skylights and light tubes bring in natural light into rooms and spaces.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom or online at http://www.saviolighting.com/ for energy solutions!

W New York Styling with LED

Are boutique hotels your fancy? If downtown Manhattan is your place to hang, be sure to pay W New York - Downtown a visit. This brand new boutique hotel marks a milestone after 10 yrs of its first born on Lexington. This hotel is designed by Gwathmey Siegal and Associates and offers sweeping views of the city and its landmarks.

Even if you can't stay overnight here, be sure to visit W Hotel's Living Room Bar & Terrace for a glimpse of the view. More so, the lighting here is dramatic, featuring thousands of programmed, choreographed linear feet of LED lighting reccessed in the structure. Next time I'm in downtown Manahattan, I'm surely going to visit this bar.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How Many Strikes?

People are naturally paranoid when bad news erupts such as a plane going down from a lightning strike. Statistically, it's rare for a plane to go down due to being struck by lightning. As you can see from this video, the airplane continues on its journey after it got struck by lightning. Monday's crash of a Boeing 737-700 on the island of San Andres, Columbia is a rare occurance. Still, the crash have sent air travelers into an alarming state of mind.

When hit by lightning, the cabin lights flickers and the flight instruments goes haywire for a split moment. The general lighting in aircrafts are fluorescent. However, LEDs are making their way into aircrafts by means of spotlighting.

Eventhough it may take several years before aircrafts will use LED for general lighting, residential and commercial buildings are less resistant in going green. Lighting manufacturers are constantly improving technology and producing energy efficient luminaires. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms or online at http://www.saviolighting.com/ for energy efficient luminaires.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

WAC Lighting Finish Options

WAC Lighting Finish Options

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eras of Traditional Lighting


Colonial lighting options are of interest to those with houses built before 1840, but also to those looking to furnish a Colonial Revival house built in the early 20th century.

Traditional colonial style lights include pre-gas, pre-electric lighting (including pieces that have been adapted for electricity): patinated copper lanterns; chandeliers with tapers, spiderlike armed wire chandeliers; crystal candelabra; onion lamps; mirrored sconces.

The evocative lighting of the mid- and late-Victorian era used piped gas for illumination from artistic fixtures. Fixtures that would have had a gas flame have shades that open up rather than down. Gasoliers are chandeliers that burned gas. Victorian sconces are also called wall brackets.
Arts and Crafts
The hottest category in lighting, Arts and Crafts-era lamps and fixtures recall the period 1890 to 1930, with allusions from English medieval to Asian-inspired Californian. Think of “bungalow lighting”; Cotswold style; art glass and mica shades; hammered copper; Mission sconces; sculpted wood.
These are the exciting, unique designs from after the dawning age of electricity, encompassing styles from Colonial Revival through Art Deco and the Atomic Age. Includes bowl ceiling fixtures; schoolhouse lights; urban fixtures; traditional and industrial designs; Colonial motifs adapted for electricity.
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Tis the Season to be Saving

With the recession and jobless rate at the current level, energy savings methods are not in the back burner. Certainly, it's never a fun event to figure out the strategy for energy savings. Even the government use motivational tactics of giving tax credits for certain Energy Star appliances.

There are applications that makes energy savings funner. For example, OPower can seperate heat and lighting in energy usage. Moreover, you can compare your energy usage to your neighbor's. Will this be more motivational to bring down energy usage when you're competing with your neighbors?

You can switch all the light bulbs to energy savings ones. Go even further by switching all lighting fixtures and appliances to Energy Star rated. If every penny counts, this does count!

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom or online at http://www.saviolighting.com/ for your energy savings project.

How To Light Up The Foyer

In the entrance foyer, general lighting is needed to welcome guests and to assure a safe passage. This can be accomplished by an elegant close-to-ceiling, or hanging fixture that emits an abundance of illumination. If more light is needed, consider placing matching wall sconces on either side of a foyer mirror.

Hallways should be illuminated every 8 to 10 feet for safety. You can accomplish this with ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, recessed, or track lighting.

Stairs should be lighted from top to bottom to prevent accidents, with switches at both ends for convenience. If hall and foyer fixtures do not illuminate the entire stairway, you can install a chain-hung or close-to-ceiling fixture above the top step.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ma Tax Free Weekend 2010 Back to School Sale

Whether it's for back to school or just changing the the decor for a room, Savio Lighting at South Shore Plaza, Braintree, Ma is having great sales for the tax free weekend.
South Shore Plaza is extending its hours this weekend, so we'll be following suit. 10am-10pm Saturday 8/14. 12pm-7pm Sunday 8/15. Come on by to Savio Lighting SSP!

Even if you don't plan on taking advantage of the Sales Tax Holiday, swing by for the $100 AmEx Simon Giftcard Giveaway at South Shore Plaza this Saturday, 8/14! Enter to win 12pm - 3pm at our Guest Services booth and get a little extra spending money just in time for tax free weekend! Winner must be present to win, drawing will be held at 3:30pm.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Net Neutrality, Staying or Going?

Net neutrality is probably the biggest social media issue right now. Who should control the internet? Google? Facebook? Verizon? Where will FCC stand on this? What happens if the telecoms can control what content can go to their wireless customers?

This may change the way of blogging in the future. I can blog about light but will it get to everyone in the same fashion? What happens if I search for topics such as lighting trends? Will it just be the fastest deliverable that will go to the wireless consumer?

They can all duke it out; but let's hope that net neutrality stays. I want my searches to stay natural! I'm certainly on Facebook's side in trying to keep it natural. If you search for "Boston lighting showroom", Savio Lighting should be on the first page of results.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Touch of Accent to the Ceiling

Ceilings are not usually a focal point of decor. Most of the time that I see artful masterpieces in cathedrals or historical landmarks. I can certainly try to paint angels on my ceiling but it wouldn't come out anywhere near an angel figure.

Well, I chose to use a ceiling medallion to give a touch of accent on my ceiling. With the help of adhesives and screws/anchors, this medallion can cling onto the ceiling with no problem! This goes perfectly around the canopy of the chandelier.

It's most practical to get a chandelier and medallion that's from the same collection. Manufacturers such as Minka Lavery have this option with some of their collections. Take for example, Minka's Belcaro collection has a  ceiling medallion that matches the collection's chandeliers, pendants, hall/foyer and island lights.

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Fanimation Involution Ceiling Fan beating the 100 degree weather!

A revolution in ceiling fans. The Involution™ will capture your imagination. Classic lines, modern design with a twist.

  • Available in oil-rubbed bronze finish with oil-rubbed bronze decorative rings and satin nickel finish with satin nickel decorative rings
  • Rings are included but optional
  • Reversible cherry/walnut blades included
  • Optional light kit with opal glass available in oil-rubbed bronze finish LK4520OB and satin nickel finish LK4520SN - sold separately. Light kit requires additional control (C2, C4FL)
  • 52” blade sweep
  • 153 x 15 motor with limited lifetime warranty
  • 14° blade pitch
  • Four forward and four reverse speeds, reversing switch located inside lower cover
  • Fan rated for dry locations only
  • 6” x 1” downrod included - longer lengths available
  • Includes four-speed wall control (CW40) (fan only)
  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • UL listed
  • Ceiling Slope 30° (up to 52° with SCB1-52)
  • 80” lead wires
  • Patent Pending
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

HP's Disgrace under the Spot Light

As we all know, Mark Hurd, CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP), abruptly resigned on Friday and gets roughtly $28 million in severance/stocks/options. It was pointed out that he would not be an effective leader from the allegations of sexual harrassment and falsifing financial records. Really?

Certainly, the interrogation process will never be known to the public. I can imagine that it would be in a very bright room so the body language and the facial expressions cannot be hidden under high lumen light bulbs.

I'm always baffled on how America runs. Let's put a spot light on Mark Hurd who ran the #1 tech company and Bill Clinton who ran the country. They've both made major acheivements in their tenure prior to sexual harrassment allegations. One was forced to resign and the other was able to finish his term of presidency. This is one of the differences between the public sector and private sector.

Savio Lighting can assist you in ordering the proper lighting of a room in accordance to its purpose. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Vaxcel Lighting at the competitive edge

For over 20 years, Vaxcel International has been a premier supplier of residential lighting products. Vaxcel's product offering is composed of more than 2000 items, ranging from builder-ready fixtures and ceiling fans to designer chandeliers and lamps, in the latest styles and finishes. Vaxcel is known in the industry for offering a full selection of products at competitive prices.

Indoor luminaires consists of chandeliers, floor lamps, flushmounts, light kits, pendants, semi-flushmounts, spot light, table lamps, vanity lights, wall lightswall sconces and ceiling fans.

Outdoor luminaires consists of outdoor ceiling, outdoor pendants, outdoor posts, and outdoor wall lights.

Vaxcel Lighting introduced 15 new indoor families and 5 new outdoor families - more than 600 new items to its catalog in 2009. Call or visit Savio Lighting, the largest Vaxcel Lighting featuring lighting showroom in the East Coast, to see many of the new Vaxcel Lighting Collections today.

How to choose a lamp shade

Whether you're decorating a personal or community space, it is critical that the space has the proper ambiance and theme. An over abundance of contrasting colors and designs makes the space very dizzy and not welcoming. Moreover, proper ambiance can dramatically promote the theme of the space.

Lamp shades are a great addition to any theme since a small splash of color can touch up any space dramatically. Using lamp shades that are not your neutral colors add an unique touch and allows for a complete transformation of design of the room. Lamps shades comes in glass, metal, fabric, organic material.. you name it! Your only limit is your imagination.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms or online at saviolighting.com for your luminaire needs.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't count on Social Security - Save your own retirement funds!

Looks like Social Security is in trouble. Social Security will pay more out this year and next year. It will be in the RED for the long haul. You know, a recession with 9.5% unemployment rate means fewer Americans are paying taxes to Social Security.

For some of us, we cannot depend on having Social Security for retirement since it may be depleted by the time we're 66 years old. So we should consider on buying quality items that will last for many years or even be passed as an heirloom. Quality, timeless lighting fixtures such as Holtkotter or Hinkley Lighting is well worth it. Also, switching over to LED luminaires will definitely save energy costs which the savings can go towards retirement.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms for quality luminaires.

How popular will LED be?

Energy inefficient bulbs began to be phased out in September 2009 in accordance with EU directives; by 2016 the EU plans to replace all incandescent bulbs with energy-saving LED alternatives. We know where LED stands in Europe!

Using Lumens to calculate brightness:
  • 1300-1400 lumens are equivalent to a 100Watt (W) incandescent bulb,
  • 920-970 lumens for a 75W
  • 700-750 lumens for a 60W
  • 410-430 lumens for a 40W
  • 220-230 lumens for a 25W

If you have a 420 lumen LED lamp, it is equivilent to a 40W incandescent bulb.
To order LED bulbs, visit http://www.saviolighting.com/ or visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms.

What is a Torchiere Lamp?

As you can tell, the word Torchiere is not English. It's actually French meaning tall candelabrum. With that in mind, a Torchiere Lamp is a tall, thin floor lamp with an inverted shade that provides upward lighting resembling a torch from back in the days of no electricity. Back then, candle(s) are where the light bulb(s) would be.

The modern Torchiere typically is made of metal with a glass or metal shade such as the George Kovacs Torchiere P286-631. This particular floor lamp uses GU24 CFL bulbs.

Torchiere Lamps varies in style from traditional to contemporary. Some may even have a swing arm lamp attached to provide task lighting. Typically these lamps uses halogen or CFL bulbs.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms for you floor lamp needs.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kicking cravings to the curb with the lighting wingman

It's never easy to kick the habit of smoking. Every smoker links the craving to some sort of activity or emotional sense such as social smoking. Is it an act of no self control? Well, just changing the way you think can curb the cravings. Indeed, quitting smoking is never easy.

Thinking positive and realizing the long term negativity can help curb the cravings whether it is smoking or eating, gambling, etc. The key is to change the mindset in the midst of kicking the habit. Certainly, the lighting that you thrive in should be taken into consideration too as you go thru this phase. Of course, you have to care about long term realisations in order for this concept to work. After all, our senses are wired for short term reapings.

Let's face it, lighting does effect your mood! Aren't people more moody when the weather is raw compared to a sunny day?  I'd say the best time to kick any bad habit is during the summer months more especially if you have winter depression. Of course, there is no wrong time to start. You can always use a daylight (full spectrum) light bulb to help ease the process.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms for lighting fixtures the reflects your mood.

Aurora beyond the skies

Colorful illumination can be performed by mother nature as seen on August 3, 2010. A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetic field which sparked a polar geomagnetic storm. These are the moments I wish I lived in an area that can see the Northern Lights or Southern Lights. Viewing the aurora online is the next best thing.

This colorful show can be transformed onto building walls transforming buildings into colorful pieces of art with lighting fixtures such as LED wall washers. RGB wall washer can color change in 16 million colors that can last up to 100,000 hours.

To transform your building into a colorful light show, visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms or online at twlighting.com.

What everyone needs to learn: Lumen

You went into Home Depot's Light Bulb aisle and searched for a 60 watt bulb the other day. Guess what! 1 year from now, you will not get to see wattage plastered all over the light bulb packaging. Instead, lumen will replace wattage spot. Oh No! How am I going to explain that to gramma?

Wattage actually does not define the level of brightness of a light bulb. It's just a measurement of energy use. As consumers for decades, we define wattage as a level of brightness. We correlate that the higher the energy use, the brighter the light bulb will be. Well, everyone will have to break that correlation by the middle of 2011.

You see, with the world trending towards energy savings, this correlation is in ICU. Light bulbs are going to be predominantly lower in energy use but giving off a good level of brighteness such as a 5 watt CFL is equivelent to a 25 watt incandescent. With CFL and LED taking over the market, lumen is the proper benchmark as low-efficiency incandescents phases out. With various types of bulbs using different wattages to give off the same amount of lumen, it is only right to educated everyone what is a lumen - a measurement of light brightness.

With the new Lighting Facts labels, you will gain information about brightness, energy costs, life expectancy, light appearance, wattage and mercury level.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom for energy efficient products or online at http://www.saviolighting.com/.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A New Holtkotter Addition - LED Swing-Arm Floor Lamp 9680

As LED paves way of the future, many lighting manufacturers having groundbreaking designs of LED lighting fixtures.The right combination of LEDs might allow Holtkotter to actually enhance color contrast compared to a regular incandescent light bulb, which is an exciting new development.

Holtkotter LED swing-arm floor lamp with Dimm-System P1 (*P1).

Features of Dimm-System *P1

Point Dimming
the dimming control is reduced to a single point on the arm of the lamp

Soft On
a single “click” will turn the lamp on -- the lamp gradually brightens to full brightness

Soft/Delayed Off
a single “click” will turn the lamp off -- the lamp dims to 60% brightness, remaining at that level to allow you to exit the room; then the lamp gradually turns itself off

Dimming Cycle
press and hold the dimmer down -- the lamp will cycle through all the dimming levels -- release the dimmer when the lamp reaches the light level of your choice

LED (1x)
3.5 Watts
440 Lumens / 2900 Kelvin

To purchase this state of the art Holtkoetter LED floor lamp, visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom or call 1.888.818.8618

WAC Lighting introduces LED Pendants

WAC Lighting transformed more than 40 popular glass pendants into energy efficient fixtures by unveiling LEDme™ Quick Connect Socket Sets utilizing the latest LED technology.

New LEDme Quick Connect Socket Sets transform art glass pendant designs from its 500 Series into LED fixtures. Some of the many popular designs include: Fiore, Komal, Brulee, Sarah and Hani, as well as the new pendants-- Micha and Rhea. Utilizing the socket sets, Quick Connect pendants can be mounted to WAC Lighting's SOLORAIL (single circuit low voltage monorail system), DUORAIL™ (two circuit low voltage rail system), or surface mounted with a canopy.

Quick Connect™ pendants, using the LEDme™ Socket Sets, can be dimmed with an Electronic Low Voltage dimmer from 100% to 15% or better.

For optimal performance and color consistency, WAC uses ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Compliant Warm and Neutral LED Bins. Each LED saves energy, relamping costs and maintenance, while offering a 30,000-hour potential life. Each socket set uses five watts and delivers a light output of 230 lumens, with a color temperature of 3500K.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms for LED pendants.

Aesthetically lighting up the Metro

Washington is rich in architecture. The Washington area is blessed with one of the world's most aesthetically memorable subway systems. Every time I visit Washington, I make a point to take the Metro. It's never a dull moment waiting for the subway! Walking or standing on mezzanines and platforms, travelers experience feelings of being at once in an intimate and a communal space.

Lighting is a key element of Metro station architecture. The principal strategy was to conceal light sources and illuminate vaults and station spaces indirectly. Shielded lights running along the bottom edge of each vault vertically project light that subtly bathes the arching gridwork of ribs and recesses. Attenuated interplay of soft, reflected light and crisp shadows across vaults is ethereal, making the concrete structure appear delicate and almost weightless. 

To augment illumination of vaults high overhead, some of the Metro-brown, triangular pylons standing on station platforms and mezzanines contain concealed floodlights that throw light upward. By contrast, floodlamps recessed in the low, flat ceilings of mezzanines provide illumination for spatially compressed platform areas below mezzanines. Fluorescents lighting up the tracks as well.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom or online at http://www.saviolighting.com/ to add some aesthetics to your space.

Shining a Light on Greater Building Efficiency

Oakland, CA — Lighting has long been identified as the low-hanging fruit in efforts to make buildings greener. Retrofits that include replacing bulbs and fixtures and installing smart controls and management systems can provide swift returns on investments as well as continued savings.

"Smart facility managers are doing more than simply swapping out bulbs and fixtures," said GreenBiz.com Chairman and Executive Editor Joel Makower.

They're developing a more holistic understanding of lighting, said Makower. Applying that understanding to lighting upgrades and other strategic improvements is the key to amping up savings and building performance, according to GreenerBuildings.com Executive Editor Rob Watson and Philips Lighting's Environmental Marketing Manager Steve McGuire.

5 myths About Lighting—Debunked


1. More is better
2. Saving lighting energy isn’t as important as HVAC
3. It wastes more energy to turn lights off
4. Incandescents are better than CFLs because they don’t have mercury
5. LEDs last 5 times longer than fluorescents


1. Most added light Is wasted and causes quality problems
2. Lighting is 26% of primary energy in commercial buildings; every 1000 W of lighting saved reduces 300 W of HVAC load
3. After 5minutes, the loss of life is overcome by operational savings
4. The mercury emitted because of higher energy use is 10x the amount in the lamp.
5. Not yet. Up to twice as long if conditions are right, but the electronics are sensitive

In dashing the myths, Watson underscored several points. "More is definitely not better," he said. "And (as to point No. 2) saving energy is saving energy -- the question is how can we have a package of energy savings starting with lighting."

Applying integration principles from the onset -- in the design of retrofit projects and new buildings -- will go a long way toward accomplishing savings in cost and time, and maximizing efficiency, he said.

Considerations include glare, comfort, color, illuminance ratios, distribution and activities in the building. Are the occupants performing detail, creative or knowledge work? Are they mostly focused on their computer screens? All factor into lighting design.

For example, for knowledge work, daylight with outside views should flow through occupied spaces for better worker productivity and health, said Watson, pointing to the effectiveness of designs that couple task and ambient lighting.

All the components of a lighting system must work in concert -- "If you're taking out a T8 lamp driven by a T8 ballast, make sure a T8 lamp goes back in," Watson said -- and the lighting design must take into account the building envelope and windows, he said. Similarly, a window retrofit should take into account building orientation and available natural light.

"The envelope and windows work with lighting systems and all of that works with the HVAC," said Watson.

Source: http://www.greenbiz.com/news/2010/06/14/shining-light-greater-building-efficiency

Savio Lighting Boston

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Best viewing of Shark Week~

Shark Week starts tonight at 9 on Discovery Channel. To make the most of the viewing, having a TV backlight will certainly help. If you plan to be watching Discovery Channel for a few hours in a dark room, having a TV backlight will ease your eyestrain.

Some new TV have this feature such as Philips Ambilight. Philips uses an LED backlight for Ambilight featured TVs. Obviously for us that already own a flat screen and don't need to upgrade anytime soon, I opted for DIY version for my viewing pleasure. I bout a 1 foot blue WAC Invisiled LED tape strip from Savio Lighting and stuck it on the back of my TV. Because the LED tape strip is a peel and stick, it really doesn't take a genious to complete this project. I bought the plug-in LED driver so that I can just plug in the LED tape strip to a wall socket.

Now I can sit in front of my TV for hours without feeling eye strain while enjoying Shark Week! Since I opted for LED, it was a costly project; but in the long run, I'll save a lot on electricity and not worry about it burning out since it lasts up to 50,000 hours. This project cost me around $90 since I wanted the WAC brand. If I went for the no name, it would have cost me around $60. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom or online at http://www.zlamps.com/ to DIY a TV backlight.

Saving Energy in Summer Scorchers

Turning on the AC is sometimes in evitable in the summer months. Certainly you can minimize the use by owning a ceiling fan. The wind chill from a ceiling fan is a 7 degree temperature drop. It is absolutely true that a ceiling fan uses much less energy than an air conditioner.

To top off the energy savings, get a Energy Star rated ceiling fan such as Fanimation's Multimax. Multimax is one versatile fan with two lighting and six blade configuration options. This fan truly offers something for everyone!

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom for your summer cooling needs!

The Next Vegas

Could it be true that Bostonians may have their own casino strip like Las Vegas? According to Boston Globe, the Casino Bill would allow 3 resort casinos and 2 slots parlors. However, Governer Patrick is against have slot machine parlors at race tracks. We will have to see if Governer Patrick will approve, amend or veto the Massachusetts Casino Bill.

It would be a pretty cool light attraction with LED along the skin of buildings. Water fountains and pools performing a light color show with LED.

To brighten up your evening in your lot, visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom.