Friday, July 30, 2010

Ma Tax Free Weekend 2010 on a Compromise

Looks like Massachusetts is likely to get a Tax Free Weekend according to the Boston Globe. We will find out tomorrow if the compromise wins approval from both the Senate and the House! Governer Patrick said that he will approve the Ma sales tax holiday for 2010 on August 14 and 15 if it reaches his desk.

I may get this Holtkotter Galileo Table Lamp 6032 if the economical development bill gets approved. It's much cuter than how it looks in the picture. Perfect on my night table since the globe and shade lighting can be adjusted seperately.

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LED as a City Attraction

Most buildings going up by the Woodall Rodgers Freeway corridor in Dallas, TX will have high-tech light shows. Imagine Times Square going up in Dallas. Buildings, such as Seveteen McKinney Tower and Hunt Consolidated Inc HQ tower, have LED panels built into the skin of the building. With all these LED panels on the exterior of buildings, they can broadcast a video stream or a message such as "Go Dirk!" on the panel.

Lighting up buildings has become a popular attraction such as the Symphony of Lights held at 8pm along the Victoria Habour in Hong Kong each weather permitting evening. There are different types of lighting effects included in the show, such as laser, searchlights, LED lights, simple lighting and projection lighting.

If you would like to have decoractive lighting along the exterior of your home or business such as LED wall washers, Savio Lighting can assist you. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom or call toll free 888.818.8618.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cleaner, Greener Future

THE ENERGY INDEPENDENCE AND SECURITY ACT OF 2007 is a major step towards making our country greener and cleaner for future generations. This will certainly reduce carbon footprint as well.

AFFECTED LAMPS - Incandescent

All affected lamps listed above must meet the following criteria as noted below:
CurrentWattageMaximum Rated WattageRated Lumen RangeMinimum Rated LifetimeEffective Date
100W72W1490-26001000 hrs1/1/2012
75W53W1050-14891000 hrs1/1/2013
60W43W750-10491000 hrs1/1/2014
40W29W310-7491000 hrs1/1/2014
  • Modified spectrum lamp lumen ranges are 25% lower.  
  • Minimum of 80 CRI except for modified spectrum, which have a minimum of 75 CRI.
  • Candelabra base incandescent lamps shall not exceed 60 watts.
  • Intermediate base incandescent lamps shall not exceed 40 watts.


Specialty Lamps including:
Appliance lamp, black light lamp, bug lamp, colored lamp, infrared lamp, left-hand thread lamp, marine lamp, marine signal service lamp, mine service lamp, plant light lamp, reflector lamp, rough service lamp, shatter-resistant lamp, sign service lamp, silver bowl lamp, showcase lamp, 3-way incandescent lamp, traffic signal lamp, vibration service lamp, G-shape lamp with a diameter of 5 inches or more, T-shape lamp of 40 watts or less and a length of more than 10 inches, and B, BA, CA, F, G16-1/2, G25, G30, S or M14 lamp of 40 watts or less.


  • BR, ER and BPAR lamps
  • Reflector lamps between 2.25 (R18) and 2.75 (R22) in diameter
  • Lamps that have a rated wattage equal to and greater than 40 watts

  All affected lamps listed above must meet the following minimum efficiency standards measured in Lumens per Watt (LPW) as noted below:

Wattage RangeMinimum LPW
40 – 50W10.5
51 – 66W11.0
67 – 85W12.5
86 – 115W14.0
116 – 155W14.5
156 – 205W15.0

  • BR30, BR40 and ER40 lamps rated at 65 watts (the popular 65BR30 and 65BR40 are exempt)
  • ER30, BR30, BR40 and ER40 lamps rated at 50 watts or less
  • R20 lamps rated at 45 watts or less
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Massachusetts Tax Free Weekend 2010 Awaiting Approval

Ma 2010 sales tax holiday is set for Aug. 14 and 15 pending Senate approval and Governer Patrick's signature. Hopefully, this will be approved before the Senate goes on recess 7/31/10.

Under Ma sales tax holiday, consumers are exempt from the sales tax on most items worth $2,500 or less. Many Ma consumers take this opportunity to buy big ticket items to save on sales tax which is a huge incentive after last year's 25% sales tax increase. If this passes, be sure to visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms for that chandelier that you always wanted! Savio Lighting carries over 40,000 lighting products ranging from pendants, wall sconces to floor lamps.

Sales Tax Holidays 2010

Below is the current list of the Sales Tax Holiday. If you live in a state that has energy saving products on this list for tax free weekend, be sure to visit for Energy Star light fixtures.

Alabama: August 6-8,

•clothing - $100
•computers - $750
•school supplies - $50
•books - $30

Connecticut August 15-21:
•clothing and footwear - $300

Florida: August 13 - August 15
•clothing & Books- $50
•school supplies - $10

Illinois August 6-15:
•clothing, footwear & school supplies - $100

Iowa: August 6-7:
•clothing - $100

Louisiana August 6 - August 7:
•all TPP - $2,500

Maryland: August 8-14:
•clothing & footwear - $100
•energy star products Feb 19-21

Mississippi July 30-31:
•clothing & footwear - $100

Missouri August 6-8:
•clothing - $100
•computers - $3,500
•school supplies - $50
•energy star products - $1,500 April 19-25

New Mexico August 6-8:
•clothing - $100
•computers - $1,000
•school supplies - $15

North Carolina August 6-8:
•clothing - $100
•school supplies - $100
•instructional material - $300
•computers - $3,500
•other comp. - $250
•sports equip - $50
•energy star products November 5-7

Oklahoma August 6-8
•clothing - $100

South Carolina August 6-6:
•school supplies

Tennessee August 6-8:
•clothing - $100
•school supplies - $100
•computers - $1,500

Texas August 20-22:
•clothing, backpacks and school supplies- $100
•May 29-31 energy star products
air conditioners - $6,000; other - $2,000

Virginia August 6-8:
•clothing - $100
•school supplies - $20
•energy star products - $2,500 October 8-11

West Virginia September 1- Novemeber 30:
•energy star products - $5,000

Using LED Rope Lights Beyond the Holidays

Rope lights are strands of lights which are enclosed in a flexible plastic casing. They are often made with light emitting diodes (LEDs). Eventhough rope lights can also be used at anytime of the year, they are very common in holiday displays. Rope Lights come in many colors(amber, blue, green, red, warm white, cool white), styles, and lengths.

One of the main advantages of using rope lights is that they can usually be used outdoors because the lights are protected by the plastic casing. Moreover, LED rope lights are very easy to handle, tangle less than more conventional strands of lights, and they can be arranged in a various of ways. Some stores use rope lights to outline window displays or to bedeck the eaves of their buildings. Consumers like the smooth, even look of rope lights. They can also be wrapped around trees and power poles, or strung along pathways.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Ikea abiding by the Energy Act

A sign that the times are changing and lights are evolving. Ikea will begin phasing out incandescent bulbs at August 1, 2010 in USA and Canada. The target completion date is January 1, 2011. Ikea has already stopped selling incandescents in France and Australia as the world is moving towards energy-efficient alternatives.

As consumers shift to incandescent alternatives, the lighting industry will have to develop better solutions to the problem of fluorescents, halogens and LED. Certainly the market has been flooded with CFL that can screw into a standard light socket, many consumers find that the lighted emitted is not attractive.

Halogens offer twice the life span of incandescent but only 20% energy savings. Forthcoming standards are 30%. LED uses 80% less energy and lasts up to 50x longer. The shortfall of LED is the upfront costs.

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Impression of LED Master class Light + Building 2010

2010 Lumen News

2010 Lumen Gala opening video of Street interviews: What is a Lumen?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

ZLamps Takes Charge

Boston - ZLamps (, a division of Savio Lighting Inc., is holding strong in leading the market of having the latest and best LED products currently available. Zlamps is nationally recognized as a leading ecommerce site that specializes in display lighting for the retail fixture maker and cabinet making professionals.

ZLamps offers a wide range of display and cabinet lighting. "We understand that display and cabinet lighting is not a one size fits all," says Tony Chen, Chief Marketing Officer of ZLamps. "We're making it reality to offer one centralized place to allow the consumer to choose the proper lighting for what they are displaying."

Miniature Recessed Eyeball
Lighting fixtures offered are LED strip light, LED mini star light, miniature recessed light, premier line voltage xenon light bar, T4 and T5 fluorescent strip light, LEDme light bar and much more.

For additional information regarding Savio Lighting and its products, please contact or visit

Saturday, July 24, 2010

iPhone helping users redo the mood lighting

Making a room over couldn't be any easier if you have an iPhone at your fingertips! Just snap a picture of the room with your iPhone and then you can adjust the mood lighting to see how your room would look with different lighting effects. All this can be done with GE's Mood Cam application for iPhone. This app includes a 3-step light bulb finder to ease the shopping for light bulbs.

“At its core, this app helps to emphasize for iPhone users how lighting is as important as the paint, furniture and other décor in a room,” adds Brian Sroub, chief marketing officer, GE Lighting. “The advent of general lighting with LEDs and the ever-increasing variety of CFLs now available to consumers can make navigation of the lighting aisle pretty daunting. We're here to help consumers better understand how to do more with lighting in their homes. We're empowering them.”

If you're like me on Android, GE has a was web app ( that can help you find your style.

After analyzing what works, swing by Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting Showrooms to get the right light bulbs and the right lighting fixtures for your new mood!

How to install track lighting

Track Head
Installing a track lighting system allows you to direct light where you want it. The flexibility of track lighting makes it a good choice for accenting a specific area such a wall art or a vase. In general, track lighting is powered by a single box with a canopy cover.

1. Turn off the circuit from the fuse/circuit box.Use a circuit tester to very the lines are dead.
2. Remove the old fixture. Be sure to remove the bulb first. Undo the wiring by removing any electrical tape and nuts.
3. Install the mounting plate to the junction box in the ceiling.
4. Locate the mounting screws in the ceiling and drill holes for the mounting toggle bolts. You can use the track light as a template on where to drill.
5. Follow the manufacturer's instruction for securing the track to the ceiling.
6. Pull the wires thru and attach them tot he screw terminals. The black or colored wire goes to the brass screw. White wire goes to the silver screw. Bare or green grounding wire goes to the green screw.
7. Install the cover plate on the end of the track to hide the wires.
8. Follow the manufacturer's instruction for mounting the light fixtures. Most common track lighting luminaires are using MR-16 lamps. MR-16 lamps are now available in LED for most energy savings.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Where's Waldo? The Oil-Seeking Robot using LED from Gulf Spill

Waldo, an ocean robot, will help defend the Florida Keys from impacts from the Gulf oil spill according to NRDC. Waldo is a 6 1/2 foot long autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that looks like a yellow torpedo.

This AUV can detect oil in the water by its fluorometer and sends the data to researchers. By means of using LED to send out ultraviolet light, the AUV can detect the oil since the chemical components of oil will absorb the light and re-emit as fluorescence.

Armed with LEDs, the team of AUVs so far has not found evidence. Coast is clear! Waldo is circling around with it's LED weapon for 3 weeks in the west coast of Florida Keys to make sure the researchers get close to real time data.

Eventhough Savio Lighting cannot arm anyone with an LED fluorometer, Savio Lighting can sure provide anyone with the perfect LED lighting fixture! Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooms for your LED needs.

Ceiling Fans by Minka Aire

Welcoming in the new millennium, we proudly present our most comprehensive and exciting collection of ceiling fans ever. Within these pages you will find an unparalleled combination of form, function, and design. From classic to contemporary styling, all Minka-Aire fans have been engineered for superior performance and to provide maximum comfort in even the largest rooms. Something for every décor and budget.

The Minka Group has grown to become a leader in the decorative lighting industry. As a company, Minka Group pride in the quality and workmanship of each and every fixture produced.

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Kenmore Square be left in the dark!

Boston's most recognized landmark located at the heart of Kenmore Square, the Citgo sign, will be left in darkness at the end of this month, according to the Boston Herald.This 45 year old Citgo sign is made of LED lighting. If you drive by at night, you can actually notice some of the LED lights are burnt out.

It's great news to hear that the LED lighting will be replaced with techniclogically advanced and environmentally friendly LED. The Citgo sign will be lit up again in time for the Boston Red Sox playoffs!

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting Showrooms for LED lighting or visit

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Having Daylight Indoors!

No matter how cheerful or even-keeled one may be, the onslaught of winter and loss of light are reacted both psychologically and physiologically according to studies. Such reactions could be oversleeping, overeating - particularly in sweets, depression, lethargy, stomach/joint pain, and lowered immune system function.

Eventhough the cause of Winter Blues is not totally understood, researchers agree that light plays a vital role. Studies have also concluded that the use of daylight bulbs helps eleviate symptoms. Some in the lighting industry were ahead in understanding the health benefits of natural light. In 1956, Howard Scott founded Verilux and invented a line of lighting products "refined to include the best natural daylight without unnecessary wavelengths." Natural light stimulating products are usually referred to as full spectrum lights. Full spectrum lights have the color temperature of between 5,000-6,500 Kevin and lux output of 10,000 (930 footcandles).

Full spectrum CFL bulbs produces less glare which reduces fatigue and also saves energy. Daylight bulbs reduces eyestrain to enable reading, computing and performing intensive tasks for longer periods of time. Even down to the basics, natural light rendors color the best with the CRI of 100. To display true colors, galleries, museums, photo studios and the alike, tend to use daylight bulbs or daylight LED tape.

To revolutionize your space with full spectrum lighting, visit Savio Lighting Boston's lighting showroom. Full spectrum lighting promotes healthier living and Savio Lighting is here to brighten up your mood!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Complementing the Cheese and Cracker Station

I was at an event held at Hyatt Harborside located adjacent to Boston Logan Airport. I must say, they have a gorgeous view of the Boston skyline. It was mesmerizing.

I noticed a small detail that was very ingenious while attending this event. At the cheese and cracker station, I noticed that they used flameless candles. With so many socialites mingling, this is a perfect safety solution! LED flameless candles are rechargeable and lasts up to 12 hours per 8 hour charge. They come in different sizes so it's a perfect solution for any setting.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom to place an order.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Adjustable Chandeliers gains popularity

Who says that chandeliers have to be at a fixed height? That's right, chandeliers can be adjustable! The minimum and maximum height varies from one adjustable chandelier to another.

With an adjustable chandelier, you can adjust the height according to the need at the moment. Perfect for the living or dining room! They come in various styles and finishes. The one seen here is from Holtkotter - 5907.

Low-voltage pendant 5907 is adjustable in height and uses low-voltage halogen bulbs: seven 20-Watt Halostar bulbs by Osram are diffused through an acrylic reflector.

The 5907 utilizes a 175W electronic, line-voltage (120V input) to low-voltage (12V output) transformer by Lightech, which allows for a 20W maximum per bulb. If you are planning to use a dimmer with these fixtures, we recommend using a Lutron ELV (electronic low-voltage) style dimmer.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom for the perfect adjustable chandelier or  online at

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Traditional American Lighting

Savio Lighting opens a new location that is rich in American history - Braintree, Ma. Our 2nd and 6th president, John Adams and John Quincy Adams was born in  Braintree, Ma which is now Quincy, Ma. Abigail Adams was born in an adjacent town of Weymouth, Ma.

Craftsmanship of Northeast Lantern has fabricated a distinctive collection of early American and Colonial reproduction of lighting fixtures such as onion lanterns or hanging lanterns.
From the American Revolution to the independence, Bostonians live every day seeing what our predecessors fought for. From historial buildings, historical landmarks to reenactments, we enrich our lives in remembrance. Even in the lighting industry, there are collections to remind us such as Quiozel Abigail Adams collection.

Savio Lighting has the perfect lighting for your traditional decor. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom or online at

Friday, July 16, 2010

What to do after attending Boston Green Fest..

Boston GreenFest is August 19-21 this year. Boston Greenfest celebrates the endless ways of creating a better world by greening lives and communities. Probably one of the easiest ways to start is lighting.

Changing the light bulb to an energy saving one, such as CFL or LED, is already a step towards green living. For example, a 9w CFL is equivilent to 40w incandescent and lasts up to 8x longer than incandescent. A 3w LED MR-16 is equivelent to a 15w halogen and lasts up to 10,000 hours.

Use of dimmers, timers, and motion sensors is another good way. Dimming your lights 30% saves you 24% in energy.

Like Energy Star appliances, there are Energy Star lighting fixtures. When it's time to go shopping for lighting fixtures, look for energy saving lighting fixtures. There are plenty of styles and designs that does not compromise going green.

Certainly, no doubt use of organic materials is green. The lighting industry certainly has gone out of its way to produce organic lighting for the betterment of the world for generations to come.

Savio Lighting offers various lighting products in achieving green living. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom to see the offerings!

Boston Restaurant Week is rolling around the corner!

As Boston Restaurant Week rolls around the corner, I am quite excited to whip out my camera to take food pictures. This summer, Boston Restaurant Week starts on August 15 and goes for two weeks. I do find it much easier to snap pictures during lunch because of the abundance of natural light and the lighting is not too dimmed.

Restaurants do tend to dim their lights for the evening with dimmer switches. There are usually multiple dimmer switches since the server station may need to be a tad brighter than the function room. Well, except if you go eat in Chinatown! Lighting can certainly set a certain ambiance and restaurants do make full use of it. Because of that, it makes it a bit more difficult to take food pictures over dinner.

Vapiano Boston Ma
I will certainly be exploring multitudes of restaurants over Boston Restaurant Week and soak in the various ambiant settings and lighting decor and see how I can reflect that into my own home. Savio Lighting can assist in turning any home or business that reflects your style. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom or online at

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Most celebrated Chinese holiday - August Moon

August Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most celebrated Chinese holidays. It is held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. I would say the most similar American holiday is Thanksgiving. Mooncakes are served instead of apple pies. Sending mooncakes to friends and family is a symbolic way of giving thanks. Besides mooncakes, orrate lanterns are made and hung.

Lanterns has gone a long way over the centuries. With electricity readily available, we don't need to use candles inside lanterns. With street lights and various outdoor lighting, nor do we need to walk around with lanterns to light the paths.

Instead of making our own lanterns now, why not just get a lantern style lamp? There are many, many styles of oriental lamps with materials such as porcelain, celadon, jade, bronze, and lacquer.

Whether you like jade oriental lamps or porcelain oriental lamps, Savio Lighting has an abundance of styles where there is one that is perfect for you! Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom or at to see what Savio Lighting has to offer.

Lighting Consortium Supports H Foundation for Cancer Research

Lighting Consortium Supports H Foundation for Cancer Research

Several lighting manufacturers, including Murray Feiss, WAC Lighting, Bulbrite, Fanimation, Hinkley Lighting, and Schonbek, have teamed up to create a consortium to recruit support for The H Foundation, a non-profit LaGrande, Illinois-based organization that is dedicated in raising funds for Cancer Research. The consortium's goal is to raise at least $50,000 from the lighting industry.

Goombay Bash's 10th anniversary is held by the foundation on Aug.7 at the Grand Ballroom at Chicago's Navy Pier. Prior year's event raided $450,000 and more than 1000 attendees.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why use Lutron dimmer switches

Top 10 Energy Benefits of Light Control

With Lutron light controls, you can save energy AND improve your working environment and quality of life at home. We gathered a list of 10 eco-friendly facts about light management solutions that are often overlooked. The possibilities may surprise you.

1. Light Control Increases Comfort and Improves Productivity.

Lutron's energy-saving light controls provide a comfortable and productive visual environment. Enhancing the comfort levels of a space leads to increases in productivity. Through Total Light Management™ solutions, better lighting not only can reduce the energy consumption of a room, it can improve the quality of work from its occupants.

2. All Lutron Dimmers Save Energy.

Every dimmer automatically saves 4-9% in electricity—even at the highest lighting levels—over a standard on-off switch. And when users choose to dim their lights, even more electricity is saved. Quite simply, the more you dim, the more you save. A standard light switch only saves electricity in the “off” position. Lutron dimmers and controls save energy 24-7.

3. All Light Sources Use Less Energy When Dimmed.

While incandescent lights are typically associated with dimming, all lighting sources, including halogen, CFLs, and, LED bulbs, can be dimmed. For example, a halogen light source dimmed 35% reduces energy use by 28%. On average, dimming an incandescent or halogen light will reduce energy use by about 20%.

4. Dimming Saves Energy and the Environment While Enriching Your Life.

While there are many ways to reduce energy use, most involve sacrificing something. Few actually enrich the quality of living and working environments like dimmers. Dimmers and other lighting controls allow individuals to adjust light levels for specific entertainment options, enhance ambiance, set a mood, and take advantage of daylight to reduce energy use.

5. Lutron Solutions Contribute to 37 out of 110 Possible Points in the LEED® 2009 NC Rating System.

Because of their energy saving benefits and contributions toward minimizing environmental impact, Lutron lighting and shading controls can contribute significantly to attaining Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building certification for new construction. Lutron can help builders attain credit in several LEED categories: Sustainable Sites, Energy & Atmosphere, Material & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovative Design.

6. Using Dimmers Saves Money.

Using a Lutron dimmer in your home in place of a standard switch on an incandescent bulb can result in yearly energy saving of approximately $8.00. If the light is dimmed 50%, and if you take into account the extended life of the bulbs, you can experience up to $30 in annual savings*.

7. Shading Solutions are also Energy Efficient.

Shading systems save energy by harvesting daylight and reducing the load on HVAC systems, making any project more eco-friendly. Shading can also be made from eco-friendly materials. Sustainable materials from Lutron are either PVC-free or are 100% recycled. This has allowed some fabrics to receive certification from third-party organizations such as GREENGUARD® and Oeko-Tex®.

8. If Every US Homeowner Changed 2 Light Switches to a Dimmer…

Lutron estimates that by installing just two dimmers in place of two standard light switches in every home in the US, the potential annual savings could be $1.5 billion in electricity and close to 25 billion pounds of CO2—the equivalent to taking more than 1 million cars off the road.

9. Lutron Systems can Automatically Save Money and Energy.

Automated systems like daylight and occupancy sensors and the HomeWorks® astronomic timeclock can turn on lights according to changes in light or the time of day. Without any input from the user, Lutron systems can reduce energy costs and usage.

10. All Lutron Dimmers Extend Bulb Life.

Dimmers reduce power to the lighting source or bulb, so they save energy and extend bulb life. Incandescent and halogen bulbs last up to 20 times longer when used with a dimmer, increasing the money saved.

Savio Lighting offers product lines from Lutron. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom located in Needham and South Shore Plaza.

WAC Decorative Wall Sconces

QC (Quick Connect) wall sconces by WAC Lighting complements QC pendants perfectly! The decorative QC wall sconces uses the same glass shades as the pendants. Though pendants have a wider selection, matching is still an ease.

With the G500 series, there are over 20 shades to choose from. Fine glass shades are sourced from leading factories around the world including Germany, Italy, Eastern Europe, Asia and the American Pacific Northwest. Now, that is a plus when times come to redecorate a space or just to change the tone according to season. How about some fun colors for the spring/summer and some earth tones for the fall/winter?

Not only because there are a good selection of shades that make WAC QC wall sconces attractive, the wall bracket can be Halogen bi-pin or Candelabra B-10 lamp along with a choice of brushed nickel or chrome finish.

WAC certainly gives maintanence and redecorating an ease. Of course, I cannot afford to change glass shades as often as I update my wardrobe; but it's nice to know that I have the option to!

Savio Lighting offers fine lighting products from WAC. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting showrooms located in Needham and South Shore Plaza.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to install a chandelier

Replacing an old light fixture is an easy way to change the look of a space. Below are the steps on how to install a chandelier.

1. Turn off power

The first step for any project involving live electricity is to disconnect the power at the circuit breaker. As an added safety precaution, put a piece of tape over the switch to ensure that no one else in the household will accidentally flip the switch while you are working. Use a circuit tester at the location where the new fixture will go, to make sure that there is no power to the circuit before proceeding.

2. Remove old fixture

Remove the canopy to expose the electrical box, and disconnect the wires.

Note: There should be an electrical box attached to either the ceiling joist or a piece of bracing. The following steps are also useful if you need to move the location of a light fixture.
3. Install new electrical box

Trace a circle on the ceiling where you would like to place the new fixture. Use a drywall saw to cut a new opening in the ceiling.

To attach the box securely, use a special expandable bracket (generally used for ceiling fans), which installs firmly between the ceiling joists.

Pass the bracket up through the hole, position it perpendicular to the joists on either side, and then rotate the expansion bar. The ends of the bracket will expand outward and the sharp pointed ends of the bracket will dig into the sides of the ceiling joists, holding it securely in place.

Pass the small bracket (with two bolts attached) up through the hole and position it over the bar.

Slide the electrical box up through the hole in the ceiling and tighten the bolts to fasten the electrical box securely in place.

Tip: Create a temporary hook out of a piece of wire coat hanger so that you can hang the new light fixture up where you are working. This will leave your hands free to make the electrical connections.
4. Wire connections

Wiring a light fixture is fairly simple. First, pass the electrical wires of the new fixture through the threaded nipple, then pass them through the strap on the electrical box and bring them back down. Separate and identify the wires and strip about an inch of the insulation from the end of each of the wires.

Bring the ground wire (usually, this wire is exposed copper, or has green insulation) around the grounding screw so that it is attached to the fixture. All that remains is to make a connection between the wires coming out of the ceiling and the ones going to the lamp. Usually the black wire is the "hot" line, and white is neutral. Connect the white lines, then the black. Add a wire nut to cover each connection, fold the wires and tuck them up inside the box. Finally, slide the canopy up and tighten it in place.

5. Patch the hole

To patch the hole in the ceiling, use a small strip of wood about as wide as the hole. Drill two holes in the center of the strip of wood and then apply glue to the side of the strip that will face down. Pass a piece of wire through the holes in the piece of wood. Carefully push the wood up through the hole in the ceiling and pull down on the wire so that the glue comes into contact with the ceiling sheetrock.

Apply pressure while the glue dries by tightening the wire around a dowel or pencil and twisting it tightly against the ceiling.

Once the glue dries, the hole can be patched. For shallow repairs, spackle could be used, but for a deeper hole like this one, it is better to use joint compound. Some compounds set very quickly, anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. Use a putty knife to fill the hole. The wood strip will serve as a backing to hold the compound in place. Make several passes with the putty knife until the surface is smooth.

Savio Lighting offers a wide collection of chandeliers ranging from traditional to contemporary. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showrooom or online at

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Holtkotter Bedside Lamp

523 is the only swing-arm wall sconce in the market that has an extraordinary reach of 29 inches! The C arm design gives it this functionality which makes this a great bedside lamp.

Halogen Swing Arm Wall Sconce No. 523 uses one 100watt halogen light bulb and a full range, turn knob dimmer. With a dome shaped reflector, the light is dispersed in a wider range than any other swing arm wall sconce. The perfect amount of lighting is at the tips of your fingers!

Holtkotter is a manufacture of fine lighting products made in Germany. 523 is a fine example of an ingenius design that provides optimal funcationality. Savio Lighting offers collections from Holtkotter. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting showroom or online at for your lighting needs.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Forecast Lighting!

In the early 1970's, Forecast Lighting was founded in Southern California. Forecast primarily focuses on contemporary designs that are unique from its competitors. Decades later, Lightolier acquired Forecast while continuing on the legacy of as customer focused brand producing exceptionally well styled lighting fixtures at attractive prices.

With contemporary to traditional collections of coordinated styles, Forecast offers the perfect lighting scheme for your home.

Forecast offer lighting fixtures perfect for any scheme, ranging from upscale to the casual beach with materials such as glass, metal, botanic, and paper.

Forecast Lighting offers diverse styles of chandeliers to add elegance to any space.

Close to Ceiling
Ceiling lighting can be eye catching. Forecast Lighting offers a variety of styles to add panache to hallway, ultility room, closets and even the mud room.

Forecast's pendants make a bold statement realized in unique material and exquisite craftsmanship.

Led by its patented  Solutions bath lighting system, Forecast delivers exceptional styles of bath lighting fixtures fitting for any bath scheme.

Line Voltage
These modular pendant options utilize popular incandescent or compact fluorescent lamp sources, combined with a stunning variety of artisan created glasses.

Energy Smart
Forecast has over 15 years of passion for energy efficiency in crafting elegant luminaires.

Low Voltage
Further proof that great things come in small packages, these low voltage pendants use miniature low voltage lamps that deliver tremendous impact when paired with our many hand- made glass shade options.

Let the lighting scheme go beyond the interior of your home by selecting from Forecast's vast selection of distinctive outdoor lighting styles.

Energy Smart Outdoor
Forecast brings Energy Smart lighting outdoors! With longer operating hours, energy efficient lamp fixtures are ideal for exterior applications. Preserve the beauty of your landscape and security of your home while saving energy costs!

Organic Modern
Organic Modern by Forecast reflects a new use of sustainable materials in a beautiful series of forms. Organic Modern by Forecast embraces the textural beauty of natural materials, and brings their magic to light. Bamboo, cork, grasscloth, stone, sand and woven fabrics all appear in this latest collection from Forecast. These exceptional materials are paired with sleekly styled hardware to create luminaries that are unmistakably Forecast.

Palette Flex Media
Forecast introduces the Palette Flex Media System, offering an exciting new way to customize lighting fixtures to match other interior finishes and fixture styles. Each Palette series fixture accepts any of eight standard Flex Media swatch sets. Flex Media Materials include cork, fabric, grasscloth and artisan papers. Each of these materials is mounted to a thin film, which is bendable to allow simple tool- free installation into the fixture. In addition to our standard swatch offering, designers may also create their own swatches using fabrics, wall coverings or other non- hazardous materials.

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