Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fanimation Centaurus® Ceiling Fan

The Centaurus® truly will be the center of attention in any room of your house. With its dramatic bend wood blades, sleek housing and downlight, this fan is sure to turn heads.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Lighting up the Shower

I'm practically blind when I shower because the bathroom light is not that close and the shower curtain blocks even more light. I was astounded when I learnt that recessed lighting can go in the shower. I need bright light when I don't have my glasses on; otherwise my vision is all blurry with dots. Just a very bad case of astigmatism.

With a shower trim, I can light the shower to any brightness without getting electrocuted. WAC has the 4", 5" and 6" trims suited for wet locations. I personally like 4" trims since mini is my style!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Unparalleled technology of WAC Lighting

WAC Lighting has developed a stellar reputation for high quality decorative and task lighting lines. Recently, WAC has a genuine initiative towards green energy savings strategies. Sustainable CFL and LED lighting products have been added to WAC's extensive line with the most energy efficient technology available.

One of the latest technology is the InvisiLED tape light featuring energy saving display and accent lighting solution with the latest LED technology. InvisiLED has an easy installation process which is just peel and stick like a sticker. It features in blue, red, green, amber or white colored light.

I'd say WAC's most popular is the stunning glass pendants. The pendant fixtures can be installed on a canopy or track system with the QuickConnect technology which make switching styles an ease. With QuickConnect, you can install different styles of QuickConnect fixtures and not just restricted to pendants.

Savio Lighting Boston Lighting Showroom have the wide range of WAC Lighting products. You can also browse online at www.saviolighting.com.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

NEW! Linkable Linear LED

Savio Lighting, of Boston, MA introduces a new line of LED products, Linkable Linear LED. Its first innovation is constructed of anodized aluminum housing with a Plexiglas cover.

Wei Ye, President of Savio Lighting, found that using fluorescent tube is not always practical depending on the use. He explained, “One of our clients had an issue with chocolate melting in vending machines. We found that the fluorescent tube inside the vending machine was emitting too much heat causing the chocolate candies to melt.” Holding an LED tape, he added “LED would be the perfect solution since it virtually emits no heat.”

From there, he envisioned a slim, high and even light output, minute light emission, no UV radiation, low energy consumption and long useable lifetime LED bar. This new Linkable Linear LED comes in 4 lengths – 14”, 22”, 34” and 46”. To accommodate particular uses, this can also be custom fitted and available in various color temperatures.

Perfect for retail display cases where heat or UV is a sensitive issue. This is also great for architectural cove lighting, commercial and residential cabinet lighting, and for soft glowing environmental lighting in bars, restaurants and homes.

For additional information regarding Savio Lighting and its products, please contact sales@saviolighting.com or visit www.saviolighting.com.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Choosing bedroom light fixtures

When choosing a light fixture for the bedroom, make sure that you have adequate lighting for tasks such as reading, yet have the capabilities of producing dim light for sleeping or setting a romantic environment.
Bedroom light fixtures include styles such as lamps, sconces, ceiling fixtures, and floor lamps. By using specific colors, you can greatly enhance the overall look of your room and compliment your bedroom decor. Also, switching the light switch to a dimmer switch will allow for adjusting the ambiance at the particular moment with ease.
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Have a Corona!

When I see or hear the word Corona, I automatically think of the beer. Later, I found out that Corona is actually a city. Perhaps, it's because of my ignorance of Mexico. Behold, Corona is also a lighting manufacturer.

As I learned more about lighting, Corona Lighting manufactures quality lighting products for low-voltage landscape lighting. Corona Lighting specializes in directional lights, area lights, hanging lights, slim step lights, underwater lights, flexible garden lights, well lights, path lights, step lights, slim brick lights, flexible bbq/deck lights, and 120v flood lights.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to choose a floor lamp shade

A lamp shade is important to daily life. We use it to complement the decor of the space and as an illumination. One of the most common lamp shades in a home is the floor lamp shade. Lamp shades come in many shapes and sizes.

The latest lamp design is the adjustable floor lamp where components are adjustable. It is viable that the lamp fits the ambiance. Lamps are normally located in corners or next to furniture. A floor lamp shade is meant to complement the rest of the ambiance and calmly illuminate the surrounding area. Hence, always consider the color of the wall and lighting when choosing a floor lamp shade. Besides its functionality, a floor lamp is an excellent interior design accessory.

Decide on your style and Savio Lighting Boston can help you choose the right lamp.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Contemporary lighting fixtures lighting the way for restaurants

When I was a younger, Tiffany style lighting fixtures were the trend in restaurants. Tiffany fixtures hanging above each table. I can't remember exactly which chains were they, but it was the style. At the turn of the century, the numbers began to dwindle. Times were changing and face lifts were needed.

Sure enough, modern lighting fixtures kicked in as renovations took place to reflect the trend. When you step in McDonald's, b.good or Boston Market, the space is contemporary in recent years. New restaurants in Boston tends to use the modern decor as well.

Decide on your style and Savio Lighting Boston can help you choose the right lighting fixture.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Artful illumination by Eurofase

Eurofase has been around for over 30 years in providing artful illumination. Beyond the style or finish of a fixture is the ambiance created for the space within which it resides. Each lighting fixture that Eurofase creates is inspired by human needs and most lighting fixtures are still created by human hands. Additionally, Eurofase's flair for contemporary design promotes the use of emerging technologies like LED, CFL and halogen.

When designing a contemporary space, Eurofase makes a good match.  The artfully designed lighting fixtures can turn any space into a gallery without cluttering the walls. Decide on your style and Savio Lighting Boston can help you choose the right lighting fixture.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


When I think of lanterns, the words that pop into my mind are colonial and Gothic. To me, they go hand in hand with horses and carriages.
Of course, you wont see horse drawn carriages nowadays; but lanterns are to stay. Thanks to Thomas Edison, lanterns are not candle lit anymore. Lanterns comes in many styles, finishes and fixtures - ranging from wall, hanging to post.

I particularly like the onion style lanterns. Curves fascinate my eyes. Onion style lanterns adds a subtle tone to outdoor landscaping and is functional in the evening.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom or online at www.saviolighting.com when designing your outdoor landscape. We have a side selection of outdoor lighting fixtures for you to choose from.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oriental Lamps add elegance to a space

Have an Oriental rug but can't decide on the aesthetics of the space? How about Oriental lamps to give the space an Oriental feel? You can have the room sophisticated but yet simple at the same time with Oriental Celadon lamps.

Celadon Oriental Lamp
The ceramic glaze and ware of Celadon ceramic lamps is of jade tone. Combine with a supreme silk shade and you have an elegant decor. Celadon was invented in ancient China in the Zhejiang province during the Song dynasty.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to choose a table lamp

Choosing the proper table lamp for function and style is as important as selecting a piece of wall art in setting a tone in the room. Choosing a table lamp simply for style and design, you may end up with improper illumination for your space.

The number of lamps that is necessary for a room is dependent on the size of the room, the color of the walls and how many ceiling fixtures are there. Darker walls will absorb light whereas lighter walls will reflect light. If you have track lighting or recessed lighting throughout the room, you may not need 3 or 4 table lamps to sufficiently light the room.

Keep in mind the height of the furniture where the table lamp will be displayed. The table lamp should not be more than 1.5 times the height of the furniture it will be displayed on. Moreover, the diameter of the shade should be no wider than that piece of furniture. For a sense of balance, all table lamps and floor lamps should be adjusted to the same height. The lamps should be of similar style to achieve a sense of belonging. Having one Oriental table lamp with a room filled with Tiffany lamps will make the Oriental table lamp out of place.

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What is pendant lighting?

The development of pendant fixtures was probably a reaction on finding a simpler form of lighting that was less elaborate as a chandelier but serving the same purpose and function. Pendant lighting is best described as a single lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling from a chain or some other kind of supporting device such as a metal rod. They are stylish, have simple elegance, are functional and provide illumination in difficult to light areas.

Savio Lighting is a well known source for pendant lighting fixtures. Savio Lighting features hundreds of lighting fixtures to choose from. To order your lighting fixture, visit www.saviolighting.com or at the Boston lighting showroom.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Changing the decor with glass shades for your lighting fixture

Whether you have track lighting, monorail, unirail or a pendant lighting, changing a glass shade can set a different tone in the room. Perhaps, for the summer, adding a hint of pizazz over the kitchen island will do the trick. There are many glass shades to choose from; but be sure to choose one that is compatible with your lighting fixture.

Ranging from George Kovacs to Holtkotter and much more, there is a style that fits your mood. Each shade will specify which lamp models it is compatible with. For shopping with ease, visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom and an associate can work with you to find compatible glass shades for your lamp. You can also visit http://www.saviolighting.com/ for a glimpse of some of the glass shades Savio Lighting carries.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Adding style and comfort to your room with a belt ceiling fan

Cooling a large room can easily be done by belt fans. With Brewmaster®, you can operate two fans with one motor. Belt driven ceiling fans also adds a touch of uniqueness to the room and transforms the room into an art gallery. 

Even though the belt pulley system is the first form of ceiling fans, nowadays the belt pulley ceiling fan is a style statement. It is eye catching the moment you step foot into the room. 

The Brewmaster® carries on Fanimation's reputation for reproducing unusual, yet functional, belt-drive fans. These fans were originally produced in the late 1800s by Snediker & Carr®, the premier belt-drive fan manufacturer of their day.

Visit Savio Lighting online at www.saviolighting.com or at the Boston's lighting showroom on choosing the perfect ceiling fan for your room.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Illuminating Night Time Pool Parties

Night time pool parties has gotten easier with weatherproof LED tapes. Yes, you can install LED inside your pool!

StarStrand Aqua line can make your pool and the surrouding area look majestic. Because they are thin, LED tapes can stay hidden. Also, LED tapes are flexible which makes it easy to wrap and install.

Just get the measurements and Savio Lighting can help you get the right lengths of LED tapes and accessories for this project.

How to keep bugs away from your outdoor gatherings

I never knew the technology has gone long ways in creating a light bulb that keeps bugs away. I've always used bug spray, incense, or  torches when I'm hanging outside.

With this yellow CFL light bulb, you can keep your deck bug free and illuminated at the same time. Moreover, it only uses 13w that replaces a 60w incandescent light bulb. These bug lights lasts up to 8x longer than incandescents. Having outdoor gatherings just got easier!

After finding this cool concept, I wanted to know why YELLOW??? We all know that light attracts bugs at night. Just look at the light outside the front door at night - swarms of moths, spiders and such. The matter is just simple, most bugs/insects do not see the color yellow. Therefore, yellow light bulbs will attract much less bugs.

Come by Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom and grab a few to start off the grilling season bug free. Or use a yellow Sharpie and color a CFL yellow in your next arts and craft session with the kids!

Fluorescents lighting the way

For a vast illumination, fluorescent lighting does the trick. Fluorescent lighting provides many hours which works well in public places that keep their lights on during the day like the train station in Boston I was walking through.

Fluorescent lighting also works well in light boxes for promoting advertisement along the wall of the train station. I never knew that it was fluorescent tubes behind those ads till an associate at Savio Lighting informed me. Now I'm just curious on how the light box comes apart. I'll be the first one standing there and taking a video if I come across maintenance work on those light boxes!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Qdoba is on the Green Path

With the economy in a recession, more and more businesses are finding ways to cut costs. One of the easiest way is energy savings. This is both cutting costs and for a greater cause. Taking steps towards green lighting can start as easy as switching to energy savings light bulbs.

This initiative is more widely seen nowadays. I was having lunch at Qdoba in Legacy Place in Dedham, Ma and noticed that they were using CFL's in their recessed cans. It was eye blinding as I looked up into the recessed can as I walked to the restroom.

I did give my friend a heads up on my new hobby of looking at lights when I'm at businesses. I didn't want him to think I was paranoid of being stalked with my head turning all over the place over lunch! I was explaining to him that I was wondering if Qdoba have an energy savings initiative and was willing to blind my eye to find out. The CFL reflector that Savio Lighting carries is Energy Star approved and 75% energy savings. This is even more worthwhile in high ceilings because it lasts 8x longer than incandescents - meaning less maintenance is required.

Visit Savio Lighting for various Energy Star lighting products.