Monday, May 31, 2010

Bright Ideas

Mini pendants make a big statement in small spaces. With their sleek lines and minimalism, the latest mini pendants can instantly modernize any space. Modern mini pendants that meld sleek metals and bold hues create dramatic contrast within traditional decor, while antique-inspired fixtures soften the hard lines of stainless steel in contemporary kitchens.

When it comes to mini pendants, it's all about mixing and matching styles, playing with scale and adding a speck of color. In practical means, mini pendants provides the perfect solution to poor lighting - illuminating perfectly in small spaces.

Visit for various styles of mini pendants and shades.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mesmerizing Crystals

For Memorial Day weekend, BBQ is on the agenda. BBQ parties are all around this weekend. I, for sure, was invited to one. Even though it's a backyard BBQ, I had an opportunity for a house tour. What mesmerized me during the tour was the chandelier about their dining room table. This chandelier has a bronze finish fitted with Swarovski Crystals by James Moder. The elegance of the chandelier is more noticeable as evening stuck with the Swarovski Crystals glittering from the light.

Nonetheless, I suggested to the hosts that with a little effort, they can help the environment by switching the chandelier bulbs to LED. Certainly, the upfront costs are more; but in the long run, the energy savings and maintenance make up for it. This  LED bulb can last up to 30,000 hours. If you only turn on the chandelier for 2 hours a day over dinner, the chandelier LED bulbs may last for 40 years!

Sure enough, they went online and bought some chandelier LED bulbs from since they don't live close by the Boston lighting showroom. With free shipping over $49, there is no need to drive from RI to MA.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Time to change the light bulb!

When you don't think anything else can go wrong after working 4 extra hours and not able to get home till past 1am, something wrong is bound to happen. Yes, I had a long day of working more than 14 hours yesterday. I came home and hit my dimmer switch to find out that my light bulb blew. 

At first, I was adjusting my dimmer switch in hopes that it was just my imagination. Who doesn't hallucinate after working 14 hours? Of course, after fiddling the dimmer switch a few times, I finally was motivated to grab a step stool and took a look at my lighting fixture. Who wants to do more work after work!?

Luckily, it's track lighting so I wasn't in total darkness to realize that it's time to change the light bulb. Finally, I got the opportunity to use the compact fluorescent (CFL) dimmable R30 bulb that I bought at Savio Lighting, when I was in the Boston area, to contribute to my green initiative. I certainly don't mind saving up to 77% of energy costs and not worry about this light bulb till 8,000 hours later.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For the Pool Sharks

There are plenty of pool halls around the Boston area for practicing or league play such as Kings or Lucky Strikes. For the serious folks who has a game room at home, perhaps it's time for a pool table light over the pool table to add some pizazz to the room.

Having a pool table light will certainly grab some attention when having guests over. At Savio Lighting, we have a selection of pool table lights to choose from to accent your room.

If Tiffany is your style, you can accent the rest of your game room with Tiffany style lighting. A Tiffany wall sconce can complement without getting in the way of the game. There are many lighting fixtures to choose from at Savio Lighting and we can the find the right one just for you! Or if you prefer to browse on your own, visit us at
My car thermostat hit 100 today as I was leaving Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom so of course ice cream is a great treat in this weather. Ever since I started this lighting blog, I've been noticing lighting fixtures where ever I go.

At J.P Licks in the Dedham Legacy Place, I noticed that they place their globe pendants at different heights and randomly. Is that a reverse cow pattern?? I'm not an architect so I can only guess as I savor my Oreo ice cream.

After observing the globe pendant, I find it not so easy to change light bulbs because the shade is all enclosed. I personally prefer open pendants for easy access to the light bulb such as the Nitrogen Ball Pendant by ACCESS as pictured on the right.

Drumming into style

I was attending a wedding at the Marriott Quincy Boston and was captured by the drum lighting fixtures. They are majestic by day and night.

In the evening, The drum shades gave a soft glow, providing a good ambience for the evening's activity.

During the day, it provides a nice accent to the room.
Drum shades comes in my styles, sizes and tones for the drum pendant or drum semi-flush mount. Adds style to any business without overwhelming the eyes.

Savio Lighting has drum style lighting for you to browse. View our catalogs at our Boston lighting showroom or online at

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Summer Solution - Triarch Fandelier

With summer around the corner, we are all finding ways to cool down. Air conditioning is the best solution in cooling off; but it can hurt the wallet. For a happy medium, a ceiling fan is the next best thing. By moving air around, you will feel a few degrees cooler without increasing the electric bill by magnitudes. Triach provides a solution with their Fandelier product line. Triach are designer and manufacturer of quality lighting products.

Triarch CF39670 Fandeliers Ceiling Fan

Modern design with frosted glass shade. Simple and neutral to fit any decor while providing functionality.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting store the perfect ceiling fan for your room.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Timeless Island Lighting Fixture

Looking for a timeless island lighting fixture? Or perhaps, trend and fad is not the objective? Quoizel does this best! Quoizel balances form and function while avoiding trend and fad.

Quoizel Contemporary Avery Island Light with 2 Lights - AV239BN

This sleek and uncompromising lighting fixture depicts a glamorous modern accent to your home. The fine craftsmanship and brushed nickel finish are emphasized by the simplicity of the lighting fixture. The smooth opal etched glass shades complements the lighting fixture by providing a peaceful glow, illuminating your home with soft light.

Quoizel Americana Emery Island Chandelier With 3 Lights - ER353PN

This is a classic Americana design that adds a nostalgic style to your home while still being functional by providing ample lighting to your daily tasks. This island lighting fixture includes a light diffuser.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom or online at for more island lighting fixture styles. 

Fluorescent lights, how widely used are they?

Whether it's a T4, T5 or T8, we are surrounded by fluorescent lights in everyday living. Every morning that i step into the T station or on the T, I see fluorescent lights lighting the MBTA subway, the signs and the tracks. I don't know how good of an idea it is to keep the tracks lit with fluorescent tubes since it would just make the mice more visible. On the other hand, it is entertaining to see mice running around while waiting.

Fluorescent lighting is economical and has a long life which makes it practical in public areas and even in the home. Come by Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom to pick up a few or visit us online at to order.

Dale Tiffany Lamps

Founded in 1979, Dale Tiffanystarted manufacturing Tiffany style lamps and shades, emphasizing high quality reproductions Louis Comfort Tiffany's designs. Dale Tiffany soon became the first factory worldwide to standardize stain-glass production. This created a market for affordable high quality stained glass lighting.

Dale Tiffany offers an extensive range of designs utilizing the copper foil technique. With this handcrafted process, no two Tiffany Lamp is identical. Whether reproducing expensive replicas or affordable merchandise, Dale Tiffany insists on the highest quality and workmanship.

If you desire is a Tiffany table lamp, Tiffany desk lamp, Tiffany floor lamp, Tiffany accent lamp, Tiffany lighting fixture, Tiffany sconce, Tiffany flush mounts, Tiffany candle holder, Tiffany plates, or Tiffany vases, Dale Tiffany's extensive product lines offer the finest selection of art glass lighting and home accents.

Savio Lighting offers a wide range of Dale Tiffany lamps,Tiffany lighting fixtures and Tiffany home accents. Visit our Boston lighting showroom or to find the Tiffany lighting or Tiffany home accent that your heart so desires.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fanimation FP3320SN Fargo Fan

Fanimation FP3320SN Fargo Fan - The Fargo®, a throwback to the classic desktop bank fans of the 1920s, ingeniously creates a big breeze without rustling the paperwork beneath it.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom or online at for more information about the Fanimation Fargo Fan. A great complement for the old world decor!

Fanimation FP2120MG Enigma Ceiling Fan

Fanimation FP2120MG Enigma Ceiling Fan - With a design that's bold, modern and strikingly beautiful, the Enigma® elevates beauty to a new level.
  • Available in metro gray
  • Blade assembled—shipped as shown
  • 18° blade pitch
  • 60" blade sweep
  • 188 x 18 motor
  • Limited lifetime motor warranty
  • 80" lead wires
  • Three counter-clockwise fan speeds, non-reversing
  • Ceiling slope to 30° (up to 52° with SCB1-52)
  • One inch diameter 6" long downrod included, longer length downrods available
  • Fan and light remote control included (C4), optional wall control available
  • Downlight adaptable, accommodates a PAR30 short neck 75-watt bulb (bulb not included)
  • U.S. Patent # D 467, 327
  • U.S. Patent # 6, 726, 451

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting Showroom to give this a try with our floor sample.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hinkley Eco-Friendly Outdoor Lighting

Since 1922, Hinkley Lighting has been driven by the passion to blend design and function in creating quality products that enhance your light. Now that warm weather is here, outdoor and landscape lighting is much easier to install. 

Hinkley lighting is dedicated to helping  the environment and created eco-friendly, green lighting. Energy Star qualified  lighting provides bright, warm light using 75% less energy than standard lighting, produces 75% less heat, and bulbs last longer. Hinkley Energy Star qualified lighting fixtures are equipped with GU24 sockets and include self-ballasted, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL). CFL bulbs use about 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer. Each fixture also features a daylight sensing photocell, which prevents the light fixture from being illuminated during daylight hours, maximizing the fixture's energy-saving potential.
By choosing Energy Star qualified lighting fixtures, you will save money on energy bills and bulb replacements. With these lighting fixtures, bulbs last 10,000 hours (about seven years of regular use). Hinkley's EST fixtures carry a 2-year warranty.

Energy Savings (ES)  - Hinkley's Energy Saving (ES) lighting fixtures are equipped with GU24 sockets and include self-ballasted, compact fluorescent bulbs. ES fixtures support California's "Title-24", a government-backed program that helps businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

Dark Sky (DS) -  Lighting Fixtures come equipped with a captive reflector or other design feature that minimizes or eliminates light glare upward into the night sky.

Energy Savings and Dark Sky (ESDS) - Hinkley's Energy Saving, Dark Sky fixtures combine Hinkley's energy saving advantages of fluorescent technology together with minimizing the amount of light glare produced in an upward direction towards the night sky. ESDS fixtures adhere to California's "Title-24" requirements.
Energy Star (EST) -  Hinkley's Energy Star qualified lighting fixtures meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE). Each lighting fixture combines a GU24 socket together with a self-ballasted CFL bulb and a photocell that prevents the fixture from staying illuminated during daylight hours, maximizing its energy-saving potential.
Photocell - Many Hinkley outdoor lanterns can be equipped with a photocell that will prevent the fixture from staying illuminated during daylight hours, maximizing its energy-saving potential.

Savio Lighting has many Eco-Friendly outdoor lighting fixtures. Visit our Boston lighting showroom or online at

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Minka - The Great Outdoors - Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

The most extensive decorative outdoor lighting offering continues to grow. Additional families, extensions of current families and exciting new finishes have been added. As always, each lighting fixture exhibits the same flair for design, quality or workmanship, and value you have come to expect from Minka Lavery. Something for every d├ęcor and budget.

Chain Hungs/Pendants
Minka Outdoors 8904-94 Newport Chain Hung

The Newport collection features European inspired exterior lanterns, cast in aluminum and accented with optic mouth blown glass. The wall brackets are suspended from ornately cast arms and backplates with classical styling from the late 18th century. Let the Newport collection light the way around your home.

Minka Outdoors 72041-66-PL Lumiere de Ville Wall

Lumiere de Ville collection features  a contemporary inspired lighting collection with artistry and attitude from Minka-Lavery. Featuring mouth blown opal glass within a classic black finish, this striking fixture is ENERGY STAR® rated for efficiency and includes a built-in photocell for effortless dusk-to-dawn performance.

Minka - The Great Outdoors has many lighting fixtures to decorate your outdoor landscape. Visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting Store to view lighting fixtures or visit us online at

Friday, May 14, 2010


Savio Lighting Boston Showroom

A Table Lamp that describes you

When there's no time for DIY in installing light fixtures, the easy fix is getting a table lamp. Table lamps comes in my styles to fit your personality. A nickel polished table lamp is fitting for the contemporary decor. An Oriental table lamp complements the Asian theme. No matter what your style is, there is a table lamp out there waiting for you to find it.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom to find a fitting table lamp or search thru our products at

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quoizel European Focus Floor Lamp with 1 Light - Q148FES

From Quoizel Timeless Task Lamp Collection, which helps you illuminate your work spaces with functional lighting solutions that are as beautiful as they are practical. Quoizel European Focus Floor lamp features a stylish, fully adjustable base and metal shade.

This portable lamp is a good secondary option when a lighting fixture cannot be installed. This chic floor lamp can compliment a contemporary or transitional decor of the room while still being functional. 

This Quoizel Euoprean Focus Floor Lamp is on sale now. Visit our Boston lighting store or to place an order.

When I tweet about lighting fixtures, it is digitally recorded in the Library of Congress

I read in the Boston Herald today that Twitter is going to archive tweets in the Library of Congress. Tweets from the day of inception marks the beginning of the archive. My tweets about lighting fixtures can very well be right next to Einstein! Well, maybe my LED light bulbs will be closer to that section of his. Technology has come a long way since the first light bulb. Contemporary lamps and lighting are more energy savings and chic than a decade or two ago.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston lighting store to see the lighting fixtures and various light bulbs in available in our showroom.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ways to have a green lighting for a dining room

  1. Install LEDs. LED light bulbs last longer and contains no mercury, unlike CFLs. LED requires less energy than incandescents and even less than CFLs. LED light bulbs work especially well in directed downlight conditions.
  2. Go mini. Install a series of small-scale lighting fixtures and put them on individual controls. From that, you may reduce energy requirements of light for that room.
  3. Look for higher lumens per watt. You'll get a brighter light with less energy consumption.
  4. Use the correct bulb for a light fixture. Install a traditional CFL light bulb in a recessed light fixture and you'll end up with a bulb that does not work well. It will not provide the right light and probably will burn out more quickly than you expect.
  5. Put the most used lighting on dimmers. People have the tendancy to turn lights down when they're on dimmers. That will cut energy usage.
Visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting Showroom for ways of having a green dining room. The Boston lighting showroom has many models of LED light bulbs to view and choose from.

The future of street lights - Going Green

In a case study in New York, LED street lights are comparable to the current street lights. LED technology has matured to the extent that it can be used for street lighting and area lighting.

It is estimated that LED luminaire uses 38% less energy than the current HPS system. This is definitely a good way for the government to go green with lighting fixtures in the public. Also in the the case study, LED street lights are successful in limiting potential sky glow primarily because of its lowered illuminances.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Slaughter House will not be in Boston

We all know that playoffs is WIN or Go Home. Beginning at 3:30pm, we shall see if the Celtics will get slaughtered like the last game to mark the end of the season. Wei from Savio Lighting was there only to look at the LED lights of the scoreboard at Boston's disadvantage on Friday. We all from Savio Lighting are praying that there will be wins in Boston today.  You will see me installing party lights if the Celtics win the season and throw a party!

Go Red Sox!

Today is the last of the series for Red Sox vs Yankees. I could be there sitting on the Bud Deck tonight at 8:05; but instead I am staring at this baseball lamp at the moment wishing that work is not part of this day. After being destroyed last night, I still have faith that Red Sox will not lose the whole series!

I decorated this baseball bat lamp with Red Sox stickers and such. It would be neat if I can find a place that would print pictures on lamp shades. That would be a 100% personalized Boston Red Sox baseball bat lamp!

Budget lighting on the green path

Since the downturn of the economy, people everywhere are searching for ways to cut and pare. Going green with lighting (green lighting) is the trend. Fortunately, the lighting industry has solutions that will immediately reduce household costs - helping everyone's budget.

  1. Replace inefficient light fixtures. There are Energy Star lighting fixtures just like appliances.
  2. Update light bulbs. Using CFLs is 1/4 of electricity costs of regular incandescent light bulbs.
  3. Maximize flexibility. Dimmers, timers and occupancy senors all help decrease electricity needs.
  4. Keep an eye on technology. Manufacturers continue to expand the range of home lighting fixtures, particularly LED and low-voltage versions.
Visiting Savio Lighting's Boston lighting showroom for your lighting needs or visit online at

Tips on using secondary lights

  1. Table lamp on table
  2. Floor spotlight directed upward toward a plant
  3. Downlight directed on a framed piece of artwork
  4. Uplight to brighten a floor vase
  5. Individual lights on staircase
  6. Track lighting for architectural details
  7. LED rope lights along ceiling cove/crown molding
  8. Sconces set to either side of mirror
  9. Single light at the door to accent the faces of visitors

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How to read light bulbs

Kelvin represents the color quality of light. The higher the number, the cooler the light. Traditional incandescent light bulbs are about 2400-2900. Hence, look for that when buying a CFL replacement light bulb so you can match the color quality of light with less energy. For kitchen, it is recommended to choose between 3000-3500.

Color Rendition Index (CRI) indicates how well light reproduces color. CRI goes up to 100. For kitchen, CRI of at least 90 is recommended. Table lamps should be at least 70 CRI.

Wattage means the amount of energy consumed.

Lumens means the intensity of light the light bulb outputs. The greater the number, the more lumens.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting Showroom for you light bulb needs.

A Representation of Who You Are

Beauty is subjective and so are lighting designs. Some opt for traditional, others go for transitional and there's a niche for contemporary lighting designs. The entry sets the tone for the rest of the interior of the building as this is the first impression as people enter into the building. Using an expansive mirror can reflect light from a chandelier to brighten up the entry. Moreover, using an adjustable floor or table lamp can accent wall art or other decor. The light fixtures you choose and how you project light represents who you are.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting Showroom or online at

Lighting law that everyone should know about.

The Energy Independence Security Act includes two phases that affect light bulbs. The first phase is in effect already. It requires that reflectors, commonly used in recessed cans, to be more energy efficient. The second phase, which begins in January 2012, bans certain wattages of the common type A (incandescent) bulb beginning with 100w. The ban concludes in 2014 when standard incandescent bulbs are to be phased out.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting Showroom for energy efficient light bulbs and other energy efficient products.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WAC Lighting has some heart!

Bolstering its "responsible lighting" motto, WAC Lighting supported the "Go Red for Women" event earlier this  year on behalf of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen, and Lighting Gallery. For the event, WAC donated one of its most popular monorail kits to be raffled. The monorail kit includes a variety of glass pendants and fixtures, 250w surface-mounted electronic transformer, monrail sections, connectors, standoff support and endcaps.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting Store for WAC Lighting products.

Flameless Candles

Candles are a very popular accessory to enhance the ambiance of a room. Wax and wick has been the tradition. For the next generation, LED rechargeable candles will be the trend. With no fire hazard and not messy wax, it is very fitting for the busy schedule. Even more so, there no worries about soot on ceilings and walls when it is a flameless flicker. With the convenience of a charger base, there are no need to go shop when the candle is out.

Contact or visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting Showroom for more info.

Preparing for the Clean Energy Act

The difference between cost and value has consumed everyday living. Consumers need to understand the options offered by new to market energy efficient lighting solutions such as LED. The 2007 Clean Energy Act will outlaw traditional incandescents A type light bulbs in 2012. The most common solution is switching from incandescent bulbs to CFL bulbs which is becoming more common in households because of the energy savings costs. CFL is definitely more popular than LED for clean energy because of the price point. Sure enough, in time, LED can fair with CFL in cost and value. Environmentally, LED is less harmful than CFL since LED bulbs do not contain any traces of mercury.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting Showroom for bulb replacements.

LED - The Next Generation Lighting

How do we know LED is the way of lighting in the future? To say the least, the White House is putting in an effort to create 17,000 green manufacturing jobs through a $2.3 billion tax credit. For instance, a Michigan based developer and producer of solid state lighting technology received $4 million in tax credit to expand research and development of LED lighting technology and reinforce manufacturing operations. There is also an effort to automate the production of LED replacements for fluorescent lights.

Visit Savio Lighting's Boston Lighting Showroom for LED products.