Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Minka Group

The Minka Group is a leader of decorative lighting. They pride themselves on the quality and workmanship of each and every lighting fixture they produce. The Minka Group products are available in retail under the brand names Minka Lavery, Metropolitan, Ambience, Minka-Aire, The Great Outdoors and George Kovacs.

Minka Lavery
A new century.. A new millennium.. A new look. Yet, the same devotion to service, dedication to quality and insistence to on the high standards.

Minka Lavery carries a wide range of lighting fixtures - Bath & Vanity, Chandeliers, Flushmounts, Foyer & Hall, Island, Medallions, Mini-Chandeliers, Mini-Pendants, Pendants, Semi-Flushmounts, Shades, Table lamps, and Wall Sconces.

Unparalleled combination of form, function, and design of ceiling and table top fans.

Products of Minka-Aire: Contemporary/Modern Fans, Transitional Fans, Traditional Fans, Indoor/Outdoor Fans, Table Top Fans, Fan Controls, Ceiling Medallions, Light Kits, and Glass Shades.

The Great Outdoors
The most extensive decorative outdoor lighting that exhibits the same flair of design, quality or workmanship and value that is expected from Minka Lavery.

Products of The Great Outdoors: Chain Hungs & Pendants, Column Mounts, Flush Mounts, Post Mounts, Sconces, Pier Mounts, and Posts. Compact Fluorescent Series: Chain Hungs & PendantsColumn Mounts, Flush Mounts, Post Mounts, and Sconces.

George Kovacs
Contemporary lighting designed has been influenced thru the past fifty years by George Kovacs. The next fifty will be influenced by the same coupled with the Minka mystique.

Lighting fixtures of George Kovacs: Bath & Vanity, Chandeliers, Desk &Task Lamps, Entryway & Foyer, Floor Lamps, Flushmounts, Mini-Pendants, Novelty & Accent Lamps, Pendant, Pharmacy Lamps, Table Lamps, Track Style Lighting, Semi-Flushmounts, Wall Lamps & Swing Arms, and Wall Sconces.

2010 Lighting Trends

Multi-dimensional room lighting is staying. This includes using different types of lighting to address various functional and visual effects. These lighting combinations include ambient, task and accent lighting. Hidden track lighting is in and recessed lighting is out. Pendant lighting continues to be hot.

Eco-friendly lighting also remains popular for 2010. Dimmer switches, automated lighting controls, and low energy conserving light bulbs are viable such as CFL and LED. Using renewable and recycled material are catching on, such as bamboo. Energy savings lamps became a hot topic with the prevalence of global energy trends.

Real materials are in and faux materials are out. Deep metal tones with rustic look will be seen in 2010 lighting trends. Going vintage or high tech in wall sconces is the trend.

Lighting fixtures with elaborate designs and antique hues to them are the trends of 2010. It's all about the rich, yet chic styles chosen to complement a room decor.

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Affordable Lighting - PLC Lighting 6421 Daya Collection Wall Sconce

Want a light fixture that is affordable yet stylish? Savio Lighting can help you with that. Here we have a wall sconce that is affordable and contemporary.

The PLC Lighting 6421 Daya Collection Wall Sconce is in a Nickel Satin finish with an Acid Frost glass shade. It uses 60w light bulbs.

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Tips for LED recessed lighting

LED recessed lights are a great option for a reading light or under cabinet lighting. LED recessed lights lasts for many years. In the long run, using LED recessed lights will save more money than fluorescent lights because of the energy savings. Moreover, LED does not emit much heat so this is a great option for under cabinet lighting over kitchen counters. Because LED light bulbs do not contain mercury, they do not pose a health risk and do not have special requirements for disposal. A 9w LED light bulb is equivalent to 40w incandescent light bulb.

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How much electricity do the light fixtures use?

In most cases, you can find out how much electricity your lighting fixture uses on the package it came from or it could be labeled on the light fixture or light bulb. How often you turn on and leave on your light fixture will manipulate how much your monthly electric bill costs. Using your ceiling fan on low will consume less energy than on high. Typically, the wattage is labeled for its maximum input.

A 18w CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) light bulb can be a 60w equivalent of incandescent light bulb. 60w incandescent light bulb inputs 60w of electricity.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

European Style Chandelier

When it comes to contemporary lighting, it’s not just about pendants or floor lamps. Chandeliers have its share in modernization.  

The Holtkötter 5559 contemporary low voltage chandelier provides ample light and its European styling allows for functionality. The diameter is 27.5". It comes in 3 finishes and 11 glasses to choose from.


Brushed Brass
Hand Brushed Old Bronze
Satin Nickel


Hammered Gold
Hammered Silver

Krystall Ellipse
Krystall Round
Krystall Square
Morning Star
Satin White
Satin White Large

For gadget lovers

Westek SLC6CBC 100 Watt Screw-In Programmable Light Control
This digital light control is programmable on/off such as from dusk to dawn. The light control senses light levels to automatically turn on at dusk. It can be programmed to turn off after 2, 5, 8, or at dawn. 

Westek RFK104 Wireless Wall Mounted Switch & Screw-In Receiver
An easy installation for this wireless wall mounted switch and screw-in receiver - a perfect DIY! Just screw the light bulb into the receiver and the receiver into a light socket. By pressing the toggle switch on the wall mounted switch will turn the light bulb on and off. 

 Westek 6000BC 200 Watt Touch Lamp On/Off Plug-In Control
Turns any lamp with metal into a touch controlled lamp. Just touch the metal to turn on and again to turn off. For use with incandescent bulbs only.

Advantages of using a dimmer switch

There are many advantages in using dimmers. With the ability of dimming, you can reduce glare at computer screens or TVs. Also, the intensity of the light can be adjusted according to the activity. Dimmers can also create the perfect ambience, accent displays, or add drama to landscape. In the most practical sense, dimmers is energy saving.

Be aware to use the dimmers with the corresponding dimmable light bulbs. Yes, not all light bulbs are dimmable such as traditional fluorescent bulbs. You should also consider what type of light circuit that you are installing it on. If the light fixture is controlled by a single switch, then you need a single pole dimmer switch. If the light fixture is controlled by two switches, then you need a three way dimmer switch.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Choosing a Table Lamp

If some areas in your home are too dark or have inadequate lighting from the ceiling light fixtures, a table lamp can easily address that.  A decorative table lamp can complement the décor on an end table so you can enjoy reading on the sofa. Modern table lamps come in various styles and shapes to suit various room schemes. Plus, they are readily available from the high demand.

Before choosing one, evaluate your current state of home textiles so you can choose a matching shade/style of table lamp. You should also consider the type of bulb the table lamp uses. If you can opt for energy savings bulbs, this will save you on your electric bill. Another option to consider is a dimmer so you can adjust the intensity of light depending on your current needs which will also induce energy savings.

Lighting Tips

Light is such a versatile tool in that it can add depth, mood, heat, and highlight too an area. With all the positive benefits of light, one may overlook the detractions that poorly planned lighting can create. There are some general key questions that should be considered when planning your lighting layout.

Is the primary function of your fixture illumination? If so, make sure that the light has enough output to reach out to all the areas you wish to illuminate. Placement is important as well since you do not need to have a bright light if a simple change in location will move the illumination area to what you need. Take care to insure you do not introduce unwanted glare and reflections in areas of mirrored surfaces, computers and televisions.

Is the purpose of the fixture to add mood? Make sure you choose the correct bulb to introduce a warmer or cooler tone to your subject. Keep in mind that different color tones of light will mute certain colors in your illumination area. Remember to keep in mind that fixture placement can create deliberate shadows for depth.

Are you using light as a guide or as an accent? Help to ensure that your viewer does not mistake your guiding lighting to be accent lighting! Group multiple lights together to form an obvious barrier or track for your viewer to follow and observe.

Light Fixtures Shopped Online

When shopping online, there are thousands of light fixtures to choose from at any given time. Savio Lighting has over 30,000 products to choose from to match your décor. There are many styles, shapes and options. Go over the description and the measurements. If there are any questions, contact or call 888-818-8618. Savio Lighting does have 110% price match guarantee if you are doing comparison shopping.  For more details of terms and policies, visit

Light fixtures add a stylish touch to a room scheme. You will need to determine type of light fixture that will work best – size, shape, color and installation. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The jewelry of lighting

A crystal chandelier is a beautiful thing to behold with the light refracting and reflecting off each individual crystal. The addition of the lead to glass helps the glass that is in your chandelier refract light to create a greater sparkling effect and is considered a major component to the crystal itself. The Swarovski line has higher lead content compared to other manufacturs, but also carries a line of crystal that is non-leaded called Spectra. Alternate crystal manufacturers have made available Imperial and the Regal crystal line as a less expensive alternative to Swarovski's Strass and Spectra.

The trademark of Swarovski is the Strass crystal. Each piece carries almost a 32% lead content and is also coated with a dust repellant. Each piece can be identified with the Strass signature etched into it. Spectra has the second highest number of facets between the four only to be beaten by the Strass Crystal. Taking a step down in crystal quality, the Imperial crystal has 16 total facets and the Regal crystal has 8. The cost of each crystal increases according to the number of facets, quality in optical clarity, chemical treatment and surface polish. Fortunately, it is easy to compare the four because each of the four stand in the same rank when comparing one quality at a time. The sparkle your chandelier can provide is mostly determined by your budget.

How can we view the stars living in the city?

You are relaxing in your front yard and you look up into the night sky to enjoy the multitude of stars and perhaps even catch a shooting star paint a white line across the dark. This scenario is unexpected in more populated areas due to an overabundance in residential lighting may become a more common reality with Dark Sky Compliant Lighting. Light pollution is becoming an increasing concern and certain areas now have limitations on how much wayward lighting is directed skyward.

Certain light fixtures are now designed to conform with the dark sky standards in order to satisfy certain neighborhood buliding regulations. The Dark Sky compliant set of protocols measures the upward light output ratio or ULOR of a fixture and the current acceptable value is a full cut-off of upward light. Hinkley and Minka are two manufacturers who produce fixtures which are Dark Sky Compliant.

The Sun

The difference between the natural light of the sun and common light bulbs is that the sun emits light in across the light spectrum. In layman's terms the sun creates light in every color at once. A common light bulb will create only certain colors, and thus a common light bulb is characterized by the 'temperature' or 'tone' of light it emits. The technical term for the measurement of color temperature is the Color Rendering Index or CRI.

An uncommon lighting that can perform close to natural sunlight is High CRI lighting. This sort of lighting may also be known as Full-Spectrum lighting. The term full-spectrum is not technically accurate since high CRI lighting only emulates the full spectrum. This sort of lighting has application wherever the correct display of color is important for designing products that will be displayed in actual sunlight. Painters, photographers, and clothing designers are some people who would benefit from the correct color display high CRI lighting may provide. Studies are being conducted to see if high CRI lighting can combat seasonal affect disorder, and results are positive so far for a high output of light. Of course any person can benefit from the comforting natural color of light CRI lighting can provide.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Holtkötter Lamps and Lighting

Holtkötter has been in business for more than 40 years manufacturing chandeliers and lamps.  Holtkötter is one of the few left who still design and manufacture from the raw material to the finished product. Because of their devotion to technical, functional, design challenges of lighting, their final product is of fine quality.

Savio Lighting VS Big Box Stores

At Savio Lighting, we believe in providing legendary service.  The goal is to provide a unique and a genuine sort of personal care and attention that you wont find in big box stores.  Savio Lighting is here to satisfy customers’ needs in lighting– not here to Sell, Sell, Sell!

Savio Lighting carries over 30,000 lighting products for you to choose from. Nonetheless, there is a 110% pricematch guarantee and free shipping on thousands of lighting products which big box stores don’t generally offer.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Modern Fan Co. Line

Cloud – Organically shaped opal glass shade housing. 120W incandescent or 200W of energy savings bulbs. 42” or 52” blades in nickel or white colors.

Lapa – A value product without compromising design. Optional light available in incandescent or energy savings fluorescent lamping.  Available in bright nickel or gloss white. 42” or 52” blades in nickel, white or maple colors.

Ball (Hugger) – A minimalist approach to ceiling fan design. A perfect, simple sphere that houses all components required for outstanding air movement. Optional light available. Available in brushed aluminum or gloss white.  42” or 52” blades in nickel, white or maple colors.

Halo – A classic integration of form and function. Functions equally as well as a luminaire and ceiling fan.  Available in gloss white with amber or nickel with opal. 42” or 52” blades in nickel or white colors.

Flute – Centuries old Roman architectural theme; but is modern in every aspect. Optional light features detailing complementary to the die-cast body which is available in textured nickel or gloss white.  42” or 52” blades in nickel, white or maple colors.

Pensi – A contribution from Spanish designer Jorge Pensi. A pure expression of minimal design and maximum performance. Optional down light available. Available in aluminum and anthracite or gloss white. 50” blades in aluminum or white colors.

Industry – A contemporary product in a retro design that evokes the Industrial-age feel in a galvanized. Optional light available. 42” or 53” blades in black, silver, white, maple or mahogany colors.

Lumina – A representation of Ron Rezek’s vision of grand sculptural form that serves the purpose of both a chandelier and a ceiling fan in gloss white. 42” or 52” white blades.

Aurora Hugger – Designed for the low ceiling where primary light source is necessary.  12” in length with high-output indirect light source. Available in brush aluminum orgloss white. 42” or 52” blades in aluminum or white blades.

Atlus (Hugger)-  A representation of Ron Rezek’s vision of subtractive simple forms to bring out an elegant and sophisticated ceiling fan design. Optional light available. Available in brushed aluminum or gloss white. 36”, 42” or 52” blades in aluminium or white colors.

Pharos – A powerful motor and outstanding air distribution with a useful light. Available in matte nickel or gloss white. 42” or 52” blades in nickel, white or maple colors.

Eclipse – A Nouveau influence giving a triple rod down system promoting a unique appearance. Available in gloss nickel or gloss white with an optional light. 42” or 52” blades in nickel, white or maple colors.

Nimbus – A pursuit of improved solutions for fan/light combinations. Placing the motor at the top of the body provides room for integration of a well-proportioned light. Available in matte nickel or dark bronze. 42” or 52” blades in black, nickel, white, maple or mahogany colors.

Velo (Hugger) – A compact fan with powerful motor and aerodynamically shaped blades to move maximum volume of air. Available in bright nickel or gloss white and optional light. 50” blades in nickel or white colors.

Cirrus (Hugger) – A simple, vertical orientation appropriate to contemporary architecture. Direct or ambient lighting options available. Available in brushed aluminum or gloss white. 36”, 42” or 52” blades in aluminum, white or maple colors.

UFO – A retro space age design in addition to a mid-century look which includes an integral halogen light. Available in titanium or gloss white. 42” or 52” blades in titanium or white colors.

Stratos – The first truly modern ceiling fan with no reference to the Victorian era.  Available in brushed aluminum or gloss white. Optional light available. 42” or 52” blades in aluminum, white or maple colors.

Aurora – An innovative design incorporating a circline lamp positioned in a translucent diffuser. Available in brushed aluminum or gloss white. 42” or 52” blades in aluminum or white colors.